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Incoming Message From Green Leadern

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Green Leader Overn

Make Your Choice:

M998 Cargo Troop Carrier
Woodland Camouflage
M998 Cargo Troop Carrier
Desert Camouflage
M1025 Armored Recon Vehicle
Woodland Camouflage
M1025 Armored Recon Vehicle
Arctic Camouflage
Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Calvary Scout & Motorcycle
AH-6 Little Bird Helicopter
Armored Command Vehicle
RC M1 Abrams Tank
"Nightstalker" Helicopter w/ pilot
"Sahara" movie Jeep w/ figures
RC Humvee (tan color)
RC Humvee (camo)

M151A2 MUTT Jeep and Trailer
M151A2 MUTT Camo Version

German Schwimmwagen - gray
German Kettenkrad - tan
German Schwimmwagen - camouflage
U.S. Dispatch Rider & Motorcycle
U.S. M5 Light Tank
German DAK Motorcycle and Rider
German Assault Raft
U.S. Patton WC57 Command Car
German PAK40 Anti-Tank Gun
RC M5 Tank (Weathered Version)
German Camo Kublewagen w/ 2 figures
U.S. MB Jeep w/ driver
U.S. MB Jeep w/ 2 figures and doors
RC M5 Tank w/ 4 figures
Kettenkrad and trailer w/ 2 figures


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