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Best Operation Enduring Freedom
Soldier in the Field

1st Place
(wins an Ultimate Soldier boxed figure of your choice)

US Marine in Afghanistan
By: Wlnrover

2nd Place
(wins an Ultimate Soldier carded uniform set of your choice)

British Royal Marine in Afghanistan
By: Eagle_2582

3rd Place
(wins an Ultimate soldier carded weapons set of your choice)

Special Operations in Afghanistan
By: Da Bronx Commando & The Amboy Assassin

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Congratulations to all our winners! As usual, the judges had a tough time picking the winners in this one. First place and second place were only seperated by one vote in the end. Now that's as close as it gets. I'm so glad I wasn't a judge in this one. I wanted to give everyone first place :) :) :) Some awesome work here from every contestant. A special thanks to each and every one of you for doing such a great job, and of course for sending them in and sharing them with all of us.. It turned out to be another outstanding Photo Contest yet again.

I would also like to send a special thanks to the judges who undertook this hard mission. Great work from our esteemed HoH members, in a very difficult situation, Master Sergeant Craig, Steve Wood, k.43, JDMstuff, Kev, Boogieman, Gray Ghost 6, Oso, Quik Blinky, Weymely, Graeylin, 11B1SG, and Grandsport!

And a very special thanks to our old friend and benefactor Grandsport for donating the prizes. Without him this contest would not have taken place. Sharpest salute!

Also a very sharp salute to everyone who took part in this very cool photo contest. Terrific work all around guys!



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