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Best Action Figure Pose
Photo Contest

1st Place
(wins $35 credit at Atlantic Toys)

By: 11B1SG

2nd Place
(wins $20 credit at Atlantic Toys)

By: Pistol Pete

3rd Place
(wins $14 credit at Atlantic Toys)

By: Chris Holloman

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Well, another great ending to another great photo contest here at the Unofficial Fan Page. Congratulations to our three prize winners. Some skillful poses from all of you without a doubt. I didn't envy the judges on this one because each and every entry was some really sharp work. As always, I wish we had prizes to give to everyone for all your terrific efforts. I never get tired of seeing the amazing and creative stuff you guys can come up with for these contests. So a special thanks to everyone for sending all these great photos in and sharing them with us.

Also, I'd like to thank the judges who undertook the tough mission of narrowing these great photos down to three. And very special thanks and a sharp salute to fellow trooper GrandSport for donating the prizes for this contest and to Atlantic Toys for offering free shipping to the winners on their prizes!



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