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Photo Contest

1st Place

By: BC Ries

2nd Place

By: 11B1SG

3rd Place

By: Boogermiester

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Well everyone, I thought it was another cool contest all around. Definitely some great entries. Like always, I sure wish there was a prize for everyone because each entry was very sharp looking. Of course, we can only have three winners though. But I really wanted to send a very sharp salute and a special thanks to all the people who entered this one. I was definitely inspired by all of you. Some great figures projects, without a doubt. I sure appreciate everyone who entered this cool contest. Awesome stuff guys!

Also, I'd like to thank the judges who undertook the tough mission of narrowing these great photos down to three. And very special thanks and a sharp salute to fellow trooper GrandSport for sponsoring this contest, because if it wasn't for him, there would have been no contest.



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