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Your Dream 21st Boxed Set Contest

Click the Name of the set to view the entire three photo set

First Place -
U.S. Army Vietnam Radio Telephone Operator
By: Pistol Pete

Second Place -
A Rhodesian Selous Scout, "Man Tracker"
By: Wildcard

Third Place -
Operation Anaconda, The Hunt for Bin Laden
By: RC Foley

Click on each link to view the additional contest entries. They will open up in a new window, so just close that window to return to this page.

Red Ball Express, Road to Victory MP
By: 11B1SG

WWII Japanese Infantryman with Mortar
By: BC Ries

WWII Japanese Navy "Marine"
By: Graeylin

Yuri the Mercenary
By: Solid Snake

Berakazz Nacthmorte - Dark Elven Ranger
By: Storm

Modern (1980s) Lieutenant
By: The Specialist

WWII German Volksgrenadier
By: Warriors 1st BN

Again, I wanted to thank everyone who entered this contest. I thought you all did an awesome job! And once again, I wish we had prizes for everyone. I sure hope 21st sees these and uses some of these ideas, because I didn't see one boxed figure here I wouldn't have bought myself. Just some realy terrific work all around from all of you!

Also, I wanted to thank the judges who had to make such a hard decision and pick 3 winners out of these great entries. I know it was a tough one since I was one of the judges this time.

And last but not least, I'd like to like our old friend GrandSport for sponsoring another great photo contest. His ability to go above and beyond for his fellow troops deserves the highest praise.

A very sharp salute to all involved!



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