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This contest is dedicated to our friend John Stoffel of Atlantic Toys, who recently passed away last spring. John was a Seabee, he was in from 1975 to 1987 (Mobile Construction Battalion Four -San Francisco). He served in the Philipines, Guam and Diego Garcia. John, you are truly missed. Sharp Salute!

In Memory, John Stoffel

1st Place

Keeping Henderson Field Going
By: 11B1SG

2nd Place

Seabees in Action
By: Cathy Jones

3rd Place

Help has arrived! (Thanks John Stoffel!)
By: Medi-Jeep

Well guys, I want to thank you for coming out and entering this contest in our old friend John's memory. I'm sure he would be quite pleased with all your entries, as I was. I'm sure everyone will have their favorites, but in the end, the judges have to narrow it down to three. As always, it was a tight race and I thought everyone did a terrific job on their entries. Once again, many thanks for entering. It sure was appreciated.

Special thanks to our old friend GrandSport for sponsoring another cool contest for all of us. If it weren't for him we would see less of them. So a big round of applause and a very sharp salute to GrandSport!

Special thanks to our judges who took on the tough task of narrowing these cool entries down to 3.

And last but not least a special thanks to Liz over at Atlantic Toys for providing our prize winners free shipping!


Here are all of the entires, click on each picture to view the large size photo. It will open up in a new window, so just close that window to return to this page.

Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Entry 4
Entry 1
By: Medi-Jeep
Entry 2
By: Tonjes
Entry 3
By: HotLZ
Entry 4
By: Neil Walker

Entry 5 Entry 6 Entry 7 Entry 8 Entry 9
Entry 5
By: 11B1SG
Entry 6
By: Cathy Jones
Entry 7
By: Waterbrig81
Entry 8
By: Mike Millhouse
Entry 9
By: Hogie309


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