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1st Place
(wins an Ultimate Soldier boxed figure of your choice)

By: Sarge94 Recon

Congratulations Sarge94 Recon

2nd Place
(wins an Ultimate Soldier carded uniform set of your choice)

By: Panzerjager

Congratulations Panzerjager!

3rd Place
(wins an Ultimate soldier carded weapons set of your choice)

By: Gerunimo

Congratulations Gerunimo!

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Congratulations to all three of our winners. You can really see the amount of effort that was put into each. Some very skillful setups here. Of course, all the entries did a job to be proud of! As always, I wish we had prizes for everyone, because all of you sure deserve one. I was really impressed with everybody's work in this contest. It turned out to be a really great one.

Special thanks to the judges who helped us out here! And very special thanks and a sharp salute to fellow trooper GrandSport for donating the first prize for this contest!



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