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Photo Contest

1st Place

D-Day Plus 1- Cleaning Your Rifle
By: Silent Sniper

2nd Place

Barracks Clean-Up
By: Anouk

3rd Place

Sad Sack KP Duty
By: Sgt. Howard

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Well it looks like we had another great contest around here. I was really impressed by all the contest entries in this one. Some fantastic ideas, setups, and diorama work! It was another tight race and definitely the judges had a hard decision to make in this one. I want to congratulate our winners, but not only that, I wanted to congratulate everyone who entered the contest for really pulling together some awesome photos for us to enjoy.

Special thanks to our judges who pulled another tough duty deciding who was going to win this one, and of course, we mustn't forget to thank GrandSport, our generous sponsor. And also, thanks to one of the best 1/6th internet stores online, Atlantic Toys.

Congratulations once again to all our winners. I have to say I'm already looking forward to the next cool contest. Until then.... Sharp Salute!



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