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Acts of Courage
Photo Contest

1st Place

The Rescue of Private Ryan
By: Wildcard

2nd Place

Three Marines were standing next to their jeep, when the Japs opened up.
By: Hogie309

3rd Place

Diving on Enemy Grenade
By: Joe G.

Well troops, that wraps up another Unofficial Fan Page Contest. Again I thought everyone did a super job. The final results were only determined by the narrowest of margins, So I would like to congratulate everyone who enter this cool contest for putting together some terrific entries. And of course for coming out and contributing your efforts to another UnOffical Fan page contest. I'm already looking forward to the next one. Great job guys!

Special thanks to our old friend GrandSport for sponsoring another cool contest for all of us. If it weren't for him we would see less of them. So a big round of applause and a very sharp salute to GrandSport!

Special thanks to our judges who took on the tough task of narrowing these cool entries down to 3.

And last but not least a special thanks to the John and Liz over at Atlantic Toys for providing our prize winners free shipping!


Here are all of the entires, click on each picture to view the large size photo. It will open up in a new window, so just close that window to return to this page.

Entry 1
by: Warriors 1st BN
Entry 2
by: Lieutenant Smirl
Entry 3
by: D. Means
Entry 4
by: Wildcard

Entry 5
by: 11B1SG
Entry 6
by: 101AB
Entry 7
by: Boogermiester
Entry 8
by: Hogie309

Entry 9
by: Joe G
Entry 10
by: Bravo2-2
Entry 11
by: Medi-Jeep
Entry 12
by: Ranger322

Entry 13
by: Trevor
Entry 14
by: Sgt. Howard
Entry 15
by: TC


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