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Best Foreign Soldier
Photo Contest

1st Place

A Goumier, in Italy
By: Graeylin

2nd Place

Scottish Highland Division Soldier
By: Hogie309

3rd Place

WW II British Paratrooper
By: Fubar

Here are all the entries. Click on each picture to view the large size photos. It will open up in a new window, so just close that window to return to this page.

Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Entry 4
Entry 1
By: Zoliman
Entry 2
By: Warriors 1st BN
Entry 3
By: Shadow
Entry 4
By: Scarecrow

Entry 5 Entry 6 Entry 7 Entry 8
Entry 5
By: Ranger322
Entry 6
By: Jimmy Pivo
Entry 7
By: Mikey
Entry 8
By: Pvt. Mel

Entry 9 Entry 10 Entry 11 Entry 12
Entry 9
By: Medi-Jeep
Entry 10
By: James
Entry 11
By: Sgt. Howard
Entry 12
By: Hogie309

Entry 13 Entry 14 Entry 15 Entry 16 Entry 17
Entry 13
By: Graeylin
Entry 14
By: Fubar
Entry 15
By: da Bronx Commando
Entry 16
By: Chairborne
Entry 17
By: 11B1SG

Well troops, I guess that wraps up another unofficial fan page photo contest. I'm sure everyone had their own personal favorites considering the quality of all the entries that were sent in for this one. I'd like to congratulate the winners and thank each and every one of you for entering another cool contest here. Some very sharp work all around, without a doubt!

A special thanks also to all the judges who volunteered for this tough mission and of course, a very special thanks to our resident contest sponsor, our old friend Grand Sport. Without him this contest would not be possible. Sharp Salute!



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