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"Royal" Brooks
by: da Bronx Commando

to see da Bronx Commando's winning Villain Photo Shoot.

Additional Villain Contest Entries
by: 101 Airborne
by: GungHo
Jimmy McIntyre
by: Gunner's Mate
Marcus "Maniac" Morris
by: GhostReaper106
Pierre Rodriguez
by: New World Man
by: Peacekeeper
Billy Griggs
by: SSG P
by: T. Oravec

A big congratulations to our winner, da Bronx Commando. Definitely a cool looking villain there and very deserving of his first place victory. Of course, I cannot forget to mention all the rest of the awesome entries in this cool contest. Some very inspiring work here. I know I'll be adding a few of these ideas to my own collection. So even though there can only be one winner, all you guys really deserve a very sharp salute for all your terrific work. Thanks to every one who entered, I really appreciate your effort and sharing your imaginations with all of us.



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