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1st Place
(wins a figure of your choice, $50 or less)

"A Christmas Feast"
By: Okimbored


2nd Place
(wins Action Toy Gear Raft and two Action Toy Gear Duffles)

"Their Last Christmas, Stalingrad, 1942"
By: Gunner's Mate

3rd Place - a tie!
(wins an Action Toy Gear Assault Raft)

"Sgt. Kringle brings us meat and shoes"
By: B. McCoy

3rd Place - a tie!
(wins an Action Toy Gear Assault Raft)

"Swapping Rides"
By: Ilaf

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Yet again, another great looking Christmas Photo contest here! I have to say each entry was put together with a lot of skill and thought. I sure wish I had prizes for everyone. I just wanted to personally thank everyone for entering this contest. I thought every contestant did an excellent job and it was definitely a hard one for the judges to narrow it down. You all deserve a very special thanks for your hard work and your Christmas spirit! I'm already looking forward to next year's Christmas photo contest.

Special thanks to the judges who helped us out here!



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