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1st Place

Congratulations Ted West!
"Sam saves Christmas"
by: Ted West

Your prize: One Small Arms Expert Boxed Figure Set.

2nd Place

Congratulations FNG!
"What really happens to Santa's cookies"
by: FNG

Your prize: One WWII Blister Carded Ranger BAR Gunner Figure

3rd Place

Congratulations Stealth the Sniper!
"Guard Duty"
by: Stealth the Sniper

Your prize: One WWII Ranger BAR Gunner Uniform Set

Great work men! I'll be getting those prizes off to you guys as soon as you email me your snail mail address. It was a hard decision for the 5 judges and I'd like to thank them for the time they gave us in judging this contest. I appreciate it guys & gals!

I'd especially like to thank Ted West, FNG and Stealth the Sniper for the hard work they put into their photos. I loved them all! Thanks for participating troops. -- GreenLeader


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