Submitted by: GreenLeader

Vietnam Seal Grenadier O.k. heres my idea. It's a Vietnam Navy Seal team member for that upcoming Lssc to pick up. Its really simple. Start off with the Vietnam Jungle leaf uniform, and jungle boots(you can use tigerstripe pants if you prefer). Put an H-harness on him. Add the grenade launcher load bearing vest from the Modern Marine Recon uniform over this. Hey most of the modern stuff was patterned after Special forces creations in Vietnam, so don't think you can't use it on a Vietnam soldier. Take a field scarf and wrap it around his head. Don't fold it over to make a narrow headband but opened to make a headwrap. Take two m-16 pouches and put them on the web belt towards the back on the kidney area(you might have to pull the web belt down lower to do this, because the H-harness is under the vest) then add two frag grenades to the belt just to the front of each M-16 pouch(they're supposed to be attached to the pouches but thats not possible with TUS pouches). You can even put two smoke grenades with the decals added from M'decks site, just to the rear of the M16 pouches, for that added detail. No canteens, this is a short mission and we don't need any water sloshing around making noise. Sling an M-16 over his right shoulder, barrel down with magazine and grip facing outward. Add an SOG knife to his web belt on his left hip, in front of the M-16 pouch. Place an M-79 Grenade Launcher(long version with site) in his hands and Bingo you've got your Seal team member. Try it out, it looks cool. Of course you have to make 2 or 3 more members to finish the team. This guy's a good start though, for short missions anyway. Hope you like him.

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