USMC Rifleman-A Shau Valley 1969
Submitted by: Blackfox

USMC Rifleman-A Shau Valley 1969 This is a simple little custom for ya guys. Take the Vietnam camo from the Army Drill Sergeant, put OD Marine body armor over this. Your choice of boots. Take the OD patrol cap (cloth one) that you can mail-order from 21st Century, and then put the Black Marine badge, from the Marine Drill instuctors hat, on the patrol cap (sometimes they wore rank pins on their cap instead of the Marine badge). Web belt with Marine first aid pouch and K-bar knife. Add a .50 cal. on tripod, sand bags for cover, and M14 with an ammo bandolier hanging from it (just in case). Thats it. He actually looks pretty tough too.

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