Submitted by: FIREFLY

Start with the Urban Camo. SWAT figure, put him in 21st modern helicopter pilot flight suit (Hasbro shown), add SWAT boots or Danner boots, give him the SWAT loadbearing vest, gloves, goggles, kneepads and elbowpads. I used the SOCOM pistol and holster and the 9mm mag. pouches from a Navy SEAL set. At the last minute, I added a 5.56mm sniper rifle. It is a standard modern M-16, with the bipod legs from the 'nam M-60. I cut the magazine down from 30rds to 20. The scope is a SOCOM silencer with the eyepiece and adjusting knob from a set of NVGs and the lens is from the flashlight on the end of the SWAT commanders MP-5. Enjoy.

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