Vietnam Marine
M60 Machine Gunner

Submitted by: Checkmate King 2

  • 1 WWII, 2nd Ranger helmet
  • 1 helmet band
  • 1 bug juice bottle (from early Vietnam set)
  • 1 od green "T" shirt (from early Vietnam set)
  • 1 flak jacket (from early Vietnam set)
  • 1 od green pair of BDU pants (from early Vietnam set)
  • 1 web belt (from early Vietnam set)
  • 1 pair of new Villain boots
  • 1 cloth butt pack (from early Vietnam set)
  • 2 smoke grenades
  • 2 lemon shaped, frag grenades
  • 5 bandoliers of 7.62mm, belted ammo
  • 1 machete w/ scabbard
  • 1 SOG knife w/ sheath
  • 2 Old web belts (sewn together to form sling)
  • 1 7.62mm ammo can (modified with handle)
  • 1 M-60 machine gun (with LT inspired modifications)

I hand sewed the SOG knife sheath to the left, front and the machete sheath to the back of the right shoulder of the flak jacket. I glued two sets of two ammo belts together to form bandoliers, that cris-cross across his chest and put the fifth belt of ammo around his waist. Then I hung two smoke & two frag grenades off the cloth butt pack and put it on the web belt around his waist. I used, two old, damaged, web belts, for the adjustable sling, on the M-60, I sewed them together and ran the one end through the front sight of the M-60 and used little strips of black electrical tape to go around the end to secure it and make it look like it was adjustable. I glued the other end to the shoulder stock with just a dab of Super Glue. I wanted the flak jacket to look open and airy, in the heat of Vietnam. I folded the two edges back and ironed them to achieve the look. Almost done, I took a 7.62mm ammo can and found the smallest drill bit I had and drilled two holes at both ends of the mold handle. Then I took small diameter wire and formed a "U" and with tiny dabs of Super Glue, inserted the wires into the holes. Once dry I took thin strips of black electrical tape again and cut strips that were three times as long as the distance between the two pieces of wire. Then you take and lay the tape across the top of the wires and fold the two ends under and you've created a working handle for that ammo box. Finally I used Villain boots and left the pants un-bloused. Put it all together and you have it.

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