Special Forces Trooper
Mr. Nasty

Submitted by: Checkmate King 2

  • Black gloves & balaclava
  • Modern woodland shirt & pants
  • Danner boots (slightly detailed)
  • SWAT goggles
  • Villain body armor (modified)
  • H&K pistol with drop down holster
  • 3 strips of shotgun shells (detailed)
  • 1 AK-47
  • 1 Villain shotgun (with front pistol grip removed)
  • 1 set of drop down Flash/Bang grenades
  • 2 SWAT pouches (rectangular) for AK-47 ammo
  • 1 SWAT black web belt

I took an old sling of one of my rifles and use it to make the elastic loops around the strips of shotgun shells. Take sticky, back velcro and apply one side to the shells and the other half to the front pouch of the body armor. Apply rectangular SWAT pouches to either side of the shotgun shells with velcro. Remove the pocket flap from the back pouch of the Villain body armor. Cut off the pistol grip from the Villain shotgun and sand the fore grip smooth. Place shotgun in rear, body armor, pouch. Put it all together and what have you got ? Mr. Nasty ! Special Forces Inc.

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