Submitted by: Checkmate King 2

  • OD green, kevlar helmet
  • OD green towel
  • OD green head band
  • Danner boots
  • Tiger Stripe camos (dyed darker brown)
  • SWAT vest
  • H&K MP5 SMG & H&K pistol with drop down holster
  • 6 SWAT 9mm ammo pouches for the vest
  • Drop, down, 9mm ammo pouch
  • Motorola radio for SWAT vest
  • Black gloves
  • Other assorted pouches for SWAT vest

This uniform was inspired by Richard Marcinko, formally of SEAL Team 6 back in the 1980's. The insertion team would each carry 11 clips of pistol rounds and 600 rounds for the customized H&K MP5 SMG. They wore dark Tiger Striped camos. I used light brown leather dye on the 21st Century uniform to achieve this effect.

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