Submitted by: Checkmate King 2

  • 1 set of woodland camo BDU's
  • 1 pair of Danner boots (detailed)
  • 1 woodland camo helmet
  • 1 CQB vest (thanks to Tommy Gun)
  • 4 new resin cast, SWAT Commander 9mm ammo pouches (thanks to Tango 2)
  • 4 new resin cast, SWAT Commander flash/bang grenade pouches (thanks again Tango 2)
  • 1 modern web belt
  • 1 customized, drop down, M9 pistol, holster & ammo pouch (thanks to Hazardis)
  • 1 Colt Commando/E2 modified by me (E2 receiver with Commando barrel & silencer) (thanks to Chief Clark & 05 E8)
  • 1 modern bayonet
  • 1 modern first-aid pouch, painted to match other pouches and applied to the left shoulder

I took the CQB vest and popped off the old pouches. After painting and detailing the new cast SWAT Commander pouches from Tango 2, I applied them to the vest with Super Glue. I think everything else is pretty simple and self explanatory. I thought the vest looked pretty neat ! I really like the custom holster by Hazardis. The butt of the pistol is right where your arm and hand would naturally drop.

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