Half Life Kitbash
Submitted by: Carrot

This is a kitbash based on the infantry sent to kill Gordon Freeman in Sierra's Half Life PC game. This particular kitbash is based on the soon to be released Dreamcast version's character designs.

Some things to note: You need to put the belt on backwards so you can put all the ammo packs in front. Start with an ammo pack in the center and then add ammo packs to either side. My figure only has five ammo packs on him but preferably you should have seven. There should be three ammo packs between the LBE straps. I threaded my rucksack straps through the harness; you don't have to do this. Roll up the sleeves to your soldier's elbows. If you want to go the extra mile, paint the gasmask lenses transparent green.

  • Urban camo BDU's
  • SWAT boots or black combat boots
  • Black fingerless gloves
  • Black body armor
  • Black balaclava (optional)
  • Green or black belt (you can't really see it either way)
  • Five or Seven Vietnam era universal ammo pouches
  • Modern H-harness
  • Kevlar helmet with woodland camo cover
  • M4 with grenade launcher
  • Two canteens (optional)
  • Rucksack (2 or 3 pockets)(also optional)

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