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GreenLeader and the 82nd Airborne

Bullard meets SFC. Grant Bricker and GreenLeader's 82nd Airborne Unit. Bullard will act as field commander for GreenLeader's Red Force against Bricker, who will act as field commander for Colonel Flagg's Blue Force in a small war game.

Bullard and the forward part of his column move out to discover Blue Force's base.

Bullard and his team spot the enemy base as they emerge from the jungle at the edge of a clearing.

Bullard and Major Jabbar capture the Blue Force Commander, Colonel Flagg.

SFC. Grant Bricker, SFC. Todd Bullard, Major Jabbar, and Colonel Flagg pose for a photo op. at the end of the game.

These are photoshoot highlights from SFC. Bullard's stay at GreenLeader's unit in Washington State. If you want to see the rest of the story, you'll just have to join Project Charlie Mike, because now they're in the photo book, and it and Bullard are winging their way to his next assignment. I hope you like these though. Take it Lite troops. SOL -- GL


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