Here are pics of Operation Charlie Mike while he spent a couple hours in Arizona. He didn't have time to do more than shower, shave and grab a breakfast before he had to be shipped off to Florida, but since he was headed into the hands of the Lovely Charlotte, I doubt he minded. Besides, he was still recuperating from his stay at Tank Mechanic's house, I am sure.

A couple pics of him with some local pricks, just to show he was indeed in Arizona. Then, a shot at my house number, for proof. Finally, some shots of his new togs, all dressed up and ready to go to Hasbro and show off... Those are original 1970's Jungle Camo, and an original M16. He needed those, I think, so he could blend in with all the Joe's. Wouldn't want a SAM to stick out too much, at least not until later in the show.


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