By: Hogie309

While the ten- member rescue team was figuring out how to bail GL and his crew out of Marwencol, Ten Bears came across Sam. Sam had followed Von Schuller through the portal, and landed smack dab in the middle of the frozen Belgium tundra, freezing to death. Ten Bears snuck up behind Sam, and wrapped a warm woolen Army blanket around him.

Deja Thoris knew that Sam was coming, but she didn't know exactly what day that would be; and now, he was here. Deja also knew, that there was an Evil entity traveling through time along with Sam, and that was the Baron Von Schuller. The Baron was in search of Hitler, because Hitler had the Ancient hand-painted TUS jacket in his possession, and Schuller wanted to steal it, and travel through time with it (because it was a magical jacket). Ten Bears took Sam back to my club (the only building not occupied by the SS), and right away, Jaqueline wanted to try out her new Christmas presents...

Respectfully Yours Sir, Cpt. Hogancamp, AVG.



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