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PHOTO 101: Ok troops, here's a look at those 82nd & 29th figures all wrapped up in a little story for you. Hope you like.

PHOTO 102: Here's a nice little Fire Base setup for you troops! Sent in to us by Micanick. This is a custom job. What more can I say! Just go check it out, it's really cool!

PHOTO 103: Ok troops, Puppet Master is back! This time six awesome shots of a small beach landing. Some of Puppet Master's best work to date in my opinion. You won't want to miss these! Special thanks to Puppet Master for sharing these great shots with us.

PHOTO 104: Ok troops, here's a few more great shots from Specialist Riker. This time a single shot of a CO and two Platoon Leaders and two shots of a great multi-brand kitbashed Afghan rebel. You're going to love this guy! Thanks again to Specialist Riker for sharing them with us.

PHOTO 105: Ok troops, here's a single submission shot from Checkmate King 2. A really nice mortar pit setup. Go check it out! It's very cool!

PHOTO 106: Here's another first timer to the photo's page troops. This time LT. Aaron sends us in five great shots of his two top SEALS on a beach insertion exercise. Be sure to take a look, they're awesome! Thanks to LT. Aaron for sending them in.

PHOTO 107: Well troops, we have yet another first timer to the photos page. This time it's Yellow Man submitting five great shots of "A Rainy Day in Bosnia". These are five terrific photos! Go check them out, you won't regret it!

PHOTO 108: Junkyard is back again! This time with "Maneuvers, Part II". Check out that first shot, just awesome! The rest aren't too shabby either!

PHOTO 109: Ok troops, Yellow Man is back again! This time with 10 great shots of a raft mission. Wow! You won't want to miss these, that's for sure!

PHOTO 110: This time troops we get three great shots from one of our new recruits, Lone Wolf. He said the Sam bug bit him a short while back, and now he's hooked. Go check out these great artsy photos! One heck of a first try, I have to say!

PHOTO 111: Ok troops, Devil 505 is back, and of course, in a big way! This time his custom built Abrahms Tank. This thing is so cool, I don't even have the words to describe it. Man, I want one! I'm sure you will too.

PHOTO 112: Here's a few photos by one of our friends in Scotland, Kev. Three real nice shots of some of his Navy SEALS on a rescue mission. Real cool stuff! Be sure to check these out.

PHOTO 113: Checkmate King 2 is back again troops, with another one of his WWII setups. This time a little story from Guadalcanal. I don't want to ruin the story for you, so go check them out. They're cool!

PHOTO 114: Well this time troops, we get 6 great photos of some 'Nam SEALS submitted to us by Gunner's Mate. Some great shots of his Sam troopers deep in the bush. Real cool stuff!

PHOTO 115: Ok, here's some great shots of the Aftermath of battle sent to us by Raven Force. Really cool! You won't want to miss these.

PHOTO 116: Here's a couple more by Gunner's Mate for you troops. This time some multi-brand 'Nam kitbashes. A CIA Operative and Victor Charlie himself. He did a real great job on these, be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 117: Here's a few shots from two of our fellow troopers over in Hong Kong, Nicholas & Eric. Three cool shots of a customized figure, "Solid Snake", a character from the video game "Metal Gear Integral", and two shots front and back of some 'Nam special forces troopers. Cool stuff!

PHOTO 118: Ok troops, here's Checkmate King 2's newest submission, Guadalcanal Part II. I don't want to give away the story, so just go check them out! They're awesome!

PHOTO 119: Here's a single shot of a Modern trooper on Recon submitted to us by Black Ops. Really cool shot! You'll enjoy this one.

PHOTO 120: Ok troops, here's some more great shots from Checkmate King 2. This time WWII Tarawa. You won't want to miss these, they just keep getting better all the time!

PHOTO 121: Ok here's a group of shots sent in by FNG that are sure to give you a laugh. Go check them out! I'm sure you won't want to miss these!

PHOTO 122: Ok troops, here's an add-on to BUZZ's Backyard Firebase set-up. A little warning for any VC who happen in the area. Go check it out, it's really cool!

PHOTO 123: Well, here's a little case of having "too much gun". A little humor sent in by Checkmate King 2. Great work!

PHOTO 124: Here's a real cool shot of the SWAT Commander in action. Special effects and everything! You won't want to miss this great shot by one of our new recruits, T. West.

PHOTO 125: Here again we have another great photo set from Checkmate King 2. This time he gives us some wonderful shots of his 'Nam troopers on a firebase perimeter. Real cool stuff!

PHOTO 126: Here's a special first timer to the photo's page. You won't want to miss this cool custom tank submitted to us by our good friend, The Ultimate Soldier. Awesome!

PHOTO 127: Ok troops, here's a small photo set from our good friend, Devil 505. Two photos of a customized WWII 82nd Airborne Flamethrower. You won't want to miss this, they're really great!

PHOTO 128: And again, one more time, some great shots from Devil 505. This time a Navy SEAL on Night Ops. Awesome work!

PHOTO 129: Here's four great shots of the upcoming Toys To Go Exclusive Desert Special Forces soldier. You won't want to miss these pictures. Special thanks to the Ultimate Soldier for this one.

PHOTO 130: Ok troops, here's some great photos of the German Fallschirmjager. No real diorama stuff in these, but I'm sure you'll love these shots anyway. Special thanks to FNG for the awesome photos.

PHOTO 131: Well here's our first submission to the photo's page by our good friend Lightfighter. Two cool shots of some A-Team members in the MUTT, a grenadier helping his wounded buddy, and a real cool shot of a modern paratrooper. You won't want to miss these, they're great!

PHOTO 132: Here's a few more cool shots by our good friend, Kev in Scotland. Some various shots of his troops in action. And even one photo of some of his troops taking down Cobra Commander and Major Bludd.

PHOTO 133: Ok troops, here's two photos submitted to us by Lightning 26 of some of his Rangers in the jungles of Columbia. Very nice work, you won't want to miss these.

PHOTO 134: Here we go again, some terrific shots by Checkmate King 2 of his mobile Recon team somewhere in Bosnia. Very cool stuff! Be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 135: Here's a cool little storyline drama for you troops. This time EW2 sends us in some great shots of a SWAT Police pursuit capture. Cool stuff! Definitely some fine work.

PHOTO 136: Here's 8 shots of mine of a little nighttime raid on a British 8th Army camp in North Africa, circa WWII.

PHOTO 137: Ok troops, here's some more great work by Yellow Man. This time seven great shots of his custom sniper and observer. You won't want to miss these terrific photos. Some awesome work here!

PHOTO 138: Ok troops, get those drool cups ready! This time we have 3 awesome photos sent in by J.W. Sulek of his beautiful WWII airborne glider. Definitely a must see! And don't forget to click any photo to see the rest of his site, and see more pictures from this great photo shoot.

PHOTO 139: Here's three great shots of a customized 75th Ranger submitted to us by Corporal Luna. Three awesome shots of him on display. Be sure to check them out, they're very cool.

PHOTO 140: Ok troops, Lone Wolf is back again, this time with a great single shot of some SEALS in the field. Really nice shot! Be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 141: Some terrific stuff this time troops. Checkmate King 2 is back again with more pictures of his outstanding 21st Humvees. An awesome Recon version with tow missile launcher, and a great troop carrier with rear canvas cover. Absolutely terrific photos of these vehicles. Be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 142: Ok troops, here's a great LAPD SWAT Humvee custom sent in by SEAL6. Awesome! Also, he throws in a shot of some figure conversions. You won't want to miss these great shots.

PHOTO 143: This time we have a great photo shoot submitted to us by 136 Gebirg of his reworked 21st Century WWII 82nd & 29th Infantry Uniforms. If you're not pleased with the coloring of 21st's Uniforms, then this little photo set shows you that with a little work you can make them look much better.

PHOTO 144: Ok troops, here's another great submission by Yellow Man. This time a great photo shoot entitled "Trouble at the Oil Refinery". I don't want to ruin the storyline, but you won't want to miss these terrific photos of Yellow Man's law enforcement team and kitbashed villian.

PHOTO 145: Here's four great shots sent in by Solid Saber. This time three cool shots of a modern 82nd Airborne 60gunner and one shot of some 'Nam Special Forces guys. These are basically just on display, but they are some really nice photos. Definitely a must see. Check out that Gung Ho headswap! Cool!

PHOTO 146: Alright troops, LT's back with somemore cool stuff. This time Bob Hope entertains the troops in Vietnam. Awesome! You definately have to take a peek at these 3 photos. They're terrific.

PHOTO 147: Ok troops, here's more cool photos by 136 Gebirg. This time he got a chance to go over to J.W. Sulek's house for a NovaJoe club meeting and play with his WWII glider. These are some shots of his troops and a few of the club members thrown in with the glider. All done in black and white for that vintage look. Awesome!

PHOTO 148: Here's some test pages of a new project that C. Martin is working on with one of his buddies. This is sort of a Action Figure Comic starring Sams and Joes. He sent us three pages, but the story is not all there. This is just so he can get an idea if people would like to see something like this. Be sure to check it out, it's pretty cool.

PHOTO 149: Without a doubt, THE best SWAT Villian shot on the net! T. West is back with more of his outstanding work. This photo is an absolute must see!

PHOTO 150: Ok troops, here's a great look at the new German WWII Kettenrad submitted to us by The Ultimate Soldier. 5 great shots of it along with some 29th Infantry and a Red Devil Paratrooper as well. This is a cool photo set you definitely won't want to miss.