By: Checkmate King 2

I got a chance this weekend to put together my Pirate diorama and took a few pictures. I thought they turned out pretty clear for a change. The Pirate Capt is the TUS Merc and the shipmate is T Gore on an SS body. The hat, hair, mustache, eye patch and doo-rag are all Sculpey. I made the cannon and the ships deck and railing.

I want to thank Pointman & Fubar for almost everything. I just put it all together.

Very very cool stuff old buddy. You know ol' GL here is into those pirates and these are two very sharp looking ones. I think you've definitely inspired me to try that Sculpey technique you've used here. The doo-rag and captain's hat look awesome. An excellent project all the way around my friend, I really enjoyed it. Special thanks for sending it in and sharing it with us. - GL


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