Cost was $160 clearance plus 6% sales tax here in PA. I had a $50 Walmart gift card so my out of pocket hit wasn't too bad. Original price was $199.97, OUCH! It is well worth the price either way IMO. It will be interesting to see if they go down much more. I'll get another one if it goes under $100. It is a big, long box so take a big vehicle to pick it up. It barely fit in the cart at WM so be careful.

It was well packed and heavy. Not too hard to take out of the box. I was surprised to find that it does fire missles and they were on the top. They don't go very far so I just put them back in the box. The owners manual is rather large and detailed like a military TM. Lots of pics and information to contact 21st should anything be wrong or missing. The battery is a 12v and it is recommended to charge 12 hours. I used it right away but charging it overnight made a difference.

It is pretty fast and nimble. The controls are like a M113 as you have to move both sticks forward to go forward, move them opposite to turn and both backwards to move backwards. Really neat. There are 4 buttons on the bottom of the controller. One to turn the turret left, one to turn it right, a machine gun button and main gun button. The turret won't turn 360 as it stops close to the center back either way. The machine gun button is really neat and LOUD and is the main gun button. When you fire the main gun the whole tank lurches backward like the real thing! Very cool feature IMO. You can drive the tank, fire it and traverse the turret all at the same time. Really neat but hard to do as the controller is rather large. It moves over things very easy and is pretty loud.

It has a volume control in the back. It has the engine sound, main gun sound and machine gun sound. Only one will go at a time. I can't remember if the tracks sound right when it moves but that is loud and clanky. It is missing the metal squeeking noise but I like it:-)

The tracks are a solid plastic design and have metal pins to hold them together. The road wheels do pivot so there is a suspension. Now I tried to "throw" a track last night and today and had no luck. It climbs really well and the suspension holds up very nice. I took it up and over a three step and straight 6 inch drop and it didn't miss a beat! Very well put together and durable. They really did a good job with the design on these.

You can see the hatches on the top and how deep they go. The railing is solid metal so that is cool. Some of the boxes open so you can put stuff in them. The drivers hatch doesn't open. The battery is held down with a long plastic piece held at both ends with metal screws.

You can see the size next to the Bradley. It looks a tad small, I think? It still looks great IMO. I've already added two whip antenna's and weathered the exhaust vent and main gun opening. I wanted to add a .50 cal to the Commanders hatch but it is too large. The BII doesn't come off and is molded onto the darn thing:-( I'll have to see what I can do about that. I really think this would be a great thing to customize all the way around. It wouldn't be that hard IMO.

The last thing I'll post about it is that you can control 4 of these with one controller!!!!!! Who has that kind of money? It would be neat to have 4 of them in an open area to do this with. Like I'll ever see that:-)

Final thought is that it is well worth the money and a very solid design. Not quite to the 1/6th scale but close enough that you could get away with it. I would have liked to see extra tracks or road wheels just in case. Maybe 21st would sell me extras?


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