M1917 and M1919A4 Machine Gun kits

By: Rich

New TUS M1917A1 Browning water cooled machine gun. I displayed the ammo boxes from both gun kits just to give a better view. The water "chest" and vapor recovery tube are a nice addition to this set. Sorry, I forgot to connect the hose to the water chest. The cocking handle operates and moves the spring loaded bolt carrier to the rear.

From my research, the water fill cap should be on the right side of the water jacket. Quick fix though.

This view shows water jacket joint seam and how a bit of modelers putty and sanding would help. Filler cap can be moved then. The ammo box holder is missing from this side of the cradle and should be located just below the feed opening. From the pics I've seen of the real thing this piece was welded on and was even still on the same cradle used with the late WWII and Korean War era 57mm and 75mm recoilless rifles.

I finally remembered to raise the rear sight. This view illustrates the need to fix that seam. A little similar work on the upper receiver's seam line would help too.

The cradle even though missing that one part is really nice. A few touch ups can make it look like the real thing.

Here is the obvious water jacket seam on the other side.

There appears to be 2 to 3 dings in the water jacket, but that can add to the realism.

View if the working bolt carrier and feed tray.

View of the flash hider. This one looks similar to the M1923 "Beer Can" flash hider, but appears smaller. The real gun of course came with several flash hiders, some straight, tapered, and two versions were even drilled on the sides. Or, the gun can be built with just a stubby barrel tip.

Rear view left.

Rear view right.

Tripod from beneath. TUS logo is slightly visible on the leg extending to the right.

Ammo cans, "water chest," and ammo belts. Each gun comes with two belts, and six 'empty' casings.

I am truly fascinated with this gun kit and hope to be able to dive into this one first and take it apart for a rebuild. Future pics should be forthcoming.



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