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"How to" for Suspension on the DeSimone Hetzer
by: Sgt. Howard

How do- once again, the Old Sgt. has gone bigfooting into the minefield and figured out something new... (like don't go bigfooting into the minefield)... Y'see, I was unimpressed with the way the wheels on the Hetzer would not conform to the road, so I figured a way to make them do so that don't require chucks of chingle or any fancy tooling*. Simple. Simple enough that I can understand it, anyways. The beauty of this is that once it's in place, the wheel itself covers the whole operation rendering it invisible to the camera. One could add the cheater details of springs and such without interfering with this system. Enjoy!

* I used a lathe to turn the wood dowel to fit the PVC on the collet- you can simply purchase the size that will fit and epoxy it into place along with the guide rod and get great results.

Very cool work Sarge! I'm sure this will definitely come in handy for all those guys out there with the hetzer, and any other projects they need suspension for. Special thanks for sending this cool tip in and sharing it with us. -- GL
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