By: Ilaf

First here are some choices of materials you will need. On the left is the casting resin, on the right is the silicon molding material. Both were purchased from Micro-Mark website( The reason for the squeezed silicon bottles is that I used some air remover stuff to keep the silicon fresh...

And here is the air remover stuff... X-tend it. Plan on buying some if you do not have enough projects to finish off the silicon in a month or so... I think they say 6 months, but it starts getting hard to use before then. Kids stay away from the BEER!!!! I need it for my projects to look better!!!

Just your basic axle grease. I have had this can for many years. We will use this when building the second half of the molds.

Finally we get to see the parts to make molds from. But more important is the modeling clay. You need something that will stay soft.. Sculpey will not work! The silicon will make it harden. There is a problem with platanium based clay. Good-Stuff-To-Go website( sells this stuff. It is cheap enough.

Here are a couple of plain jane electrical boxes, from WalMart. The one on the left is a better box to use, since it does not have a bottom. The other one works... but has some punch out holes... you have to seal them off. Depending on your part, you can find these in a couple of different sizes.


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