By: Sgt. Howard

This is actually pretty simple- go down to Wally World and purchase a package deal of solar walkway lights- get ones where the luminar (the actual light) could pass for a gaslamp in war-torn Europe and start from there. Then purchase about 18" of 1/2" schedule 40 PVC PER LAMP- as well as ; 2 1/2" connectors, one 1" to 1/2" plug connector, 8" of 1/4" aluminum rod, a bag of LARGE (figure two beads per pole) black plastic beads, PVC glue and liquid nails.

Cut the pipe if you have not already done so- 18" gives you a 9' pole, tall enough for banners or a lynching. 24" (12 foot) is about max for 1/2" schedule 40. Check the luminars of the solar lights as well as the pegs (spikes) and determine how much you need to sand/grind/chew off to stuff them into the couplers- proceed with that aspect of the project. Cut the top off the hospital cleaner bottle, RINSE IT WELL (the stuff is NASTY) and cut the threaded portion off, leaving the ring around the base of the neck- see the appropriate photo to see how I do it. Ream out the inside of the plug connector until it is snug but slides down the pipe with force. Do the same for the neck of the bottle top. Assemble, position, glue. Drill a 1/4" hole through the lower half of the upper connector and insert the 1/4" rod- fix with liquid nails from inside the pipe. Drill out the large beads and insert on the ends of the rod. Paint with Fusion Gloss Black.

I set them up by the structure I'm working on to see how they look, and PFC Harris' three guys seem to think that this is a perfect place to carouse... seems they got into the Calvados stash... tomorrow will be painful, no doubt... there's a forth fellow there, but he's passed out and I cannot tell who he is... I think I will practice my tuba at 05:30...

the Old Sgt.

An excellent project here Sarge, the lamp posts look great. Special thanks for sending this cool custom tip in and sharing with all of us. I'm sure it will be put to good use. Sharp Salute! - GL

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