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by: Basher 5-0

Adding Realistic mud to your vehicles:

This is to add realistic mud to your vehicles. I tried it on my 2 MUTTs and they look great. First, buy some Testors Contour Putty, at $1.50 from Hobby Lobby. It comes in a tube just like the model glue. Then, if you don't already have some paint, pick it up while you're there. You want brown, but green and red mix fine. Then take the putty and a toothpick and squeeze any amount you want on your vehicle. I did at a place where the mud would stack up, just above the tires. Then take the toothpick and "mold" the putty to your desired shape. After about three or four hours, it should be dry. Since it is white, you will need to paint it, and that's about it. Total, it can cost less than $5, or with a full set of modeling paints, up to about $10.

A very sharp salute to Basher 5-0 for sharing this awesome information with us!

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