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by: Graeylin

These are 4 Arisaka rifles. The top one is the 21C type 38, straight from the package. The next two down are a cut down 44 inch version. the final one is the April 1945 auto version with the banana clip.

These are reference shots from various books that show the difference in lengths, etc.

Book 1 and Book 1b show the standard Arisaka type 38 and 99, in various lengths. type 38x3 shows the same, in black and white.

Book 1

Book 1b

Type 38x3

Book 2 shows the experimental model with the banana clip

Book 2

This photo shows the type 38/99 with a sniper scope, one of the only shots I know of that shows this detail.

An extra bonus, this book shows what the Normal US sniper scope looked like on a Springfield 1903, rather than the long Unertl scope in the Pacific Weapons set.

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