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Rob' site has a bunch of great customizing help here that he kindly decided to share with everyone, located in his cutom tips page. Figures, vehicles and so much more. Plus a lot of great photos of Robs own personal projects that he's created over the years including a terrific scratchbuilt Civil War cannon. Some impressive work for sure. Be sure to pay Rob a visit. Great website!

Well if its Old or New GI Joe gear, well this is the place for you. Cotswold has one of the largest 1/6 scale gear selections on the web. A large list of custom weapons, accessories and uniforms as well. If you are a 1/6th scale fanatic like me, then this site will definately become a fast favorite.

Without a doubt one of the finest customizers on the web. Check out Paul Ivy's cool Modern and WW2 custom weapons, gear and uniforms. Outstanding stuff. This stuff is on the pricy side, but if you have the cash you shouldn't be disappointed with Tripwire. I wasn't.

Way too much cool stuff at this site to describe in detail here, but if you like the old 70's GI Joe Adventure Team kind of stuff, and want to buy some custom uniforms and gear for them, this is place you want to go. All Adventure Team, ALL the time. Another great Custom 1/6th scale dealer website! Be sure to check it out.

Project ARE
Some unique custom pieces here for your figure projects. Civilian gear, wet suits, and much more. Quality work at a good price. Another great resource for you custom figure projects. So be sure to check them out.

Here's a great site devoted to custom vehicle building. Mostly WWII German of course. None of these are for sale(well maybe if you offered him enough :), but I'm sure they will inspire you and give you some great ideas to use for your projects. So be sure to visit Tim and check out his cool work!

Here's another terrific place to buy some 1/6th scale patches. The one difference from the rest of these kind of sites, is that here you can buy actual embroidered ones. So be sure to drop by and visit Dave Tedesco and check out his beautiful work.

Here's a great site that sells decals for your vehicles and patches for your troops. They really add that "something special" to your 1/6th scale forces. A "must visit" website for certain

Well this has got to be the most diverse 1/6th custom site on the net. Alot of cool military and not so military uniforms and gear here. I'm sure when you visit you will find something you didn't even know you wanted. They even sell customizing stuff such as 1/6th buttons and zippers. Awesome site.

The Home of the "Personalized Action Figure". If you're looking to make a figure of anyone specific, including yourself, then this site is where you want to go. These guys can sculpt your likeness from photos. This stuff is NOT cheap to buy for sure, but the work is amazing. They also sell a a variety of other cool stuff.

Do you want to get that old GI Joe fixed? Well this is the place that will do it for you. They even sell their own line of 1/6th scale medics uniforms and gear.

Here's a neat site that will get you started in decal making. Use them for your vehicles or gear. This guy sells everything you will need to make your own.

A cool site for custom tips and free 1/6th scale downloads to help with you diorama projects. Be sure to check all of it out. Neat stuff here!

Here's where you can find the whole Osprey Military books for sale, plus some other cool stuff. The Osprey book are a great help to customizers, since they cover all sorts of Soldiers and Battles from a variety of era's.

Some cool custom work here guys. You are sure to get some great customizing idea's from Zman! Awesome site.

Here's where you can find those gold and silver buttons for your troop's uniforms. Use them on WW2 greatcoats and more. Good prices too!

Napalm in the A.M. gives us a great site with some terrific photos, some outstanding custom work, and just all around useful information. A "must see" website!

Be sure to check out Erik's site for some great ideas for custom weapons and some other really cool stuff. Erik will even make you some weapons for a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Here's the personal home page of one of the best customizers on the internet, Major Midnight. Here you will find uniforms, vehicles and accessories. If you haven't been there, be sure to go on over. It's well worth your time!

Although this shop specializes in miniature horse tack such as saddles and bridles, they also have a real nice selection of buckles and things you can use to customize your soldiers.

If you've got a broken Joe or you need someone to reflock those fuzz heads, then you'll definitely want to visit the medic. He'll fix you right up! He'll even flock your Sam heads for you.

Here's a nice site that specializes in Doll House lighting that can be used in many 1/6th scale applications such as vehicles. One thing of interest here though, is that they have small brass eyelets that you can use for your uniforms; such as WWII German smocks, etc.

Here's a great shop that sells high quality decals in various scales. Vehicle decals, eyeball decals and tattoos, just to name a few. So if you're looking for any of this stuff, this site is the place you want to be.

Be sure to visit Jim's outstanding website featuring his large collection of downloadable scale items you can print out on your home printer. Everything from 1/6th scale foldable file boxes to stained glass windows. If you're looking for some diorama accessories that you can make yourself, this is the place you'll want to go.

Does your action figure need some long hair? Well then, make a wig for him! Here's a site that tells you all the steps you'll need in going about this process.

Here's a site that sells 1/6th scale zippers for use on your custom 1/6th action figures. You can use them on a variety of things such as jumpsuits and the like. Even some instructions on how to go about installing them.

Some great customizing tips on making the following items: Axes and Hatchets, Casting heads, Roman Chariot, Cups and Tankards, Dogsleds, Packs and Frames, Sandbags, Snowshoes, Viking and Medieval Steel-faced Shields, Wooden Shields, Basic Swords, and Rubber Treads for Tracked Vehicles. A very useful site.

Ever thought your 1:6 scale WW2 troops might need some comic books or pulp magazines to read in the trenches? Well if you have, look no further for them than the Magazine & Comic Book Depot. Detailed 1:6 recreations of classic 1940's comic books and pulp magazines, Perfect for any 12 inch WW2 action figure diorama. Be sure to check it out.

Loose Pieces Store featuring individual pieces for sale from most of the major boxed 12' action figure companies. So if it's that one specific piece you're looking for, here is the first place you should check out. Located in Arizona, USA

The Corner Arsenal Check out this cool new 1/6th accessory site featuring some great new additions to the hobby. Including Bazooka Rocket bag, Field pack, Gas mask bags and more. Some awesome looking custom pieces to add to your collection. Located in Nebraska U.S.A..

Oakridge Hobbies A cool store with all sorts of 1/6th modelling supplies. 1/6 doll house doors, windows and stuff to make your war torn 1/6th housesa little more detailed.. Mold making and castinj supplies. Styrene plastic sheets and more. Be sure to check it out!

The One Sixth Scale Cigarette Shop If you're looking for some 1/6th scale cigarette packs for your troops, then this is the place you want to go. All kinds of cigarette packs for sale here and not just the typical stuff you see on the internet. They have cigarette packs from all eras and all countries. Totally handmade by the owners Robin and Angel. High quality accessory pieces here, so be sure to check them out!

One Sixth Depot Here's a great store that is kind of a one stop shop for all your loose parts and custom 1/6th needs. The owner, Bear, has a little bit of everything here. Definitely be sure to check out this cool online store, you won't want to miss stopping by!

6503.COM Here's a guy who makes data plates to restore vintage 1:1 scale military Jeeps. Why you see him on this page is because he makes the best 1/6th scale dataplates you will find to upgrade or customize your WW2 1/6th Willys Jeeps. Check them out, you won't be disappointed!

STEVO"S TOYS Here's a great site that offers some cool custom 1/6th gear. Especially for those of you interested in Wild West gear. Of course that's not all youi'll find at Stevo's. All of the stuff is hand made. Guns out of pewter and gunbelts out of real leather. Even hand made felt hats in sll sorts of styles. Be sure and go visit Stevo! you won't regret it.

FACEBOOK - 1/6TH SCALE VEHICLES Here's one for all you Facebook members. Fellow trooper Dewback Matt has put together a Facebook page to showcase his awesome 1/6th scale vehicle projects but also allows fellow collectors to post their vehce projects too. So if you're a Facebook user be sure to go on over and LIKE his page and join in the fun!!!!

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