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by: Pumpkinking 44

RPK, Stoner Assault Rifle, XM177E
The RPK was made by grafting the front barrel portion of the third mystery sniper rifle onto an AK47. The stock was scratch built using styrene plastic. The Stoner Assualt rifle was made by triming off the receiver cover of the Stoner LMG and building the needed parts from styrene. The Colt CAR-15/XM177E was made by trimming away unneeded details on a M-4 carbine and making a new 20rnd mag and new flash hider for it.

An in progress shot of the M-4 to XM177E conversion.

An M4A1 just a M-4 Carbine with the stock from an M-16A2 added.

A comparision between the TUS FN FAL and a full stocked one I made using styrene plastic.

An AK74 with a BG 15 grenade launcher made from styrene tube and strip plastic.

Comparison of the Stoner LMG and the Assualt Rifle.

A full scratch built HK CAWS (Close Assualt Weapons System) combat shotgun.

A very sharp salute to Pumpkinking44 for sharing his custom weapons with us!

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