By: Rich

I'm sure that I am not the only person here that has gotten tired of ordering packs of ten M16/ L85 magazines just to fill ammo pouches that completely hide them from sight. These British PLCE ammo pouches take a total of twelve, and I have stuffed quite a few of them. Using some scrap plastic I first scribed around a mag thinking that I might just cut out enough to fill each pouch. The plastic is almost 1.5 mm thick and it would have taken six to equal the width of three mags.

So, I decided to cut out 8 and glue them together with 3 short sections in between. After scoring and snapping out the first shaped piece, this left an edge to press the mag against making scoring very easy for the remainder.

These were very easy to score the plastic with the Xacto knife two or three times only on 3 sides then just snap them out. Since the finished product will be hidden there is no need to be super neat.

Three mags together like this are 11 mm thick.

So, roughly 8 mm sections were cut from a strip of the plastic. 3 per each mag build up.

With a few touches of liquid cement the assembly begins.

Careful, the liquid cement will distort the lines and print on these cutting mats. I have learned to cut only on the flip side which is yellow. Since I have already smeared the printed lines on this side I still continue to go ahead and assemble items on the green side. Another note, the plastic used here is part of some signs used in stores for All Beef products. My wife worked for a couple of years for a couple of marketing firms where she set up displays and signs in a variety of stores. When the signs and displays came down she recovered anything that seemed like ABS or Polystyrene for me. I had to take an emery board to some of these pieces to remove the paint for adhesion. Hey, free plastic is free plastic!

Here is the first finished product. As you can see these can just be slapped together making the entire process fast and easy.


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