By: Tank Mechanic

These pictures are a couple of years old. This was the first figure I cut down to size. 3R's Nakamura figure (Less is Nakamura). Cut 3/8 inch from upper and lower arm. Also 3/8 from upper and lower legs. 1/2 inch from torso. Slight amount removed from neck.

Not sure why bottle of bondene is in pictures.Most of limbs were pinned with pieces of coat hanger and bonded with Gorilla glue.

Side note: Like Gorilla glue. Doesn't store well, bottles dry out after a couple uses. Recommend buying smallest bottles possible.

I think the key to shortening a figure is to keep it proportioned. Shorten everything.

Ah - the old cut and pin modelers trick! I'll definitely have to try this one old friend - great tip! Special thanks for sending it in and sharing it with us. - GL
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