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First off, get regular game turn sequences out of your head. In this game you must roll a dice every time a turn sequence starts to decide who goes first. For example, instead of just going back and forth, this would allow a lucky roller to get the upper hand against his opponent by being able to attack first each turn. After you determine who attacks first in the turn sequence, then proceed to the turn sequence rules (below).

  • Move all soldiers that wish to move
  • Declare your targets for any soldiers wishing to fire.
  • Each defender targeted now can declare they are hitting the dirt.
  • Attack with ranged weapon
  • Attack with grenades
  • Attack hand-to-hand
  • Attack with vehicles
  • Decide on position of each soldier for next turn. For example, upright, kneeling, or prone.
  • Medics heal the wounded
  • Remove casualties
  • Lastly, the next guy gets to go and do this all again.
  • And after all this is finished, then you roll the dice to see who goes first the next turn. The highest number wins, of course.


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