"Trustworthy, Reliable, Loyal"

In this section you will find the names of soldiers who have proven themselves to be trustworthy traders. If you can't trust the people here in this hall, you can't trust anyone. This page will allow you to make quick & easy trades with your fellow troops. If anyone fails to live up to the integrity of the Hall of Honor, you could be prosecuted under the laws laid out by the United States Postal Inspection Service. Sharp Salute!

To be inducted into this Hall of Honor you must make a good trade with one of the Hall of Honor members, and have them nominate you as a fellow good trader. The only rule I have about trading is that when you trade with a Hall of Honor member, it must be by his terms. That means that if he wants to see your stuff in his hands first before he sends yours out to you, then that's the way it must be. These troops have already proven themselves to be reliable. You can count on their end of the deal. When you become a Hall of Honor member you can have your email address hooked up to your flag if you want. Just be sure to let me know you want this done. This option is to make contacting you for trades more convenient.

The following soldiers have displayed their ability
to perform their duties in an honorable manner.
The integrity of those troops is unsurpassed. -- GL

Hall of Honor Members listed alphabetically.

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To make sure that you're not dealing with a proven dishonorable trader, be sure to check out the bad trader links page for other trading databases on the internet.

Click here to go there.

Respectfully Depart