Hall of Honor

"Trustworthy, Reliable, Loyal"

The following soldiers have displayed their ability
to perform their duties in an honorable manner.
The integrity of those troops is unsurpassed. -- GL

Sandy Scout Seal6
Sniper Spc. Riker Shaolin_Shamo
Solid Saber Snake 12 Sniper Jackson
SEAL666 Sgt. Sauer Sean T.
Silverwings Swat Doc Sgt. Schultz
Ski Dog Styro
Spook Snake-Eyes Stalker
Stinger 7 String Sgt. Jack Hazard
Small Soldier Se7en Scarecrow
SAS_FAN Squad Seven
Spikey Snake Saunders
Sgt. Foxtrot Sgt. Rock Son of a SMG
Spec Ops Master Sgt. Muggs
Sniper Joe Super Six One Sgt.Hartman
Sketchman SigSniper Storm
Steve Wood Sgt. Sniper Sir Dave
ShortySk8er29 StarrDogg SilentSniper
Spc Hooah Sledgehammah Sawemoff2009
Steve Cook Sgt Lamb

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Respectfully Depart