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Here you will find all links related to our Ultimate Soldier Hobby. Including places to buy them, sites to help customize them, links to other Ultimate Soldier fan sites, and military reference sites. All on-line stores listed on this page have proven themselves time and time again to be a reputable organzation, So shop with confidence using these stores. If you know of a site that might fit the Ultimate Soldier theme, please let me know and I will add them to this section.

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GOOD STUFF TO GO: Here's a very cool site selling the Ultimate Soldier stuff, and other action figures There is some good prices here, and the service is excellent. Located in Kansas, USA.

JUSTICE FIGHTERS: Contact Keith for all your 1/6th scale needs. He's got it all including loose items. Very cool! Located in West Virginia, USA.

BAD CAT TOYS INC, : A cool online store here selling a good deal of 21st Century products including 1:6 scale Ultimate Soldier, 1:18th scale XD and 1:32nd scale 32X stuff too! Plus much much more in the military toy genre. If you've been looking for something to add to your collection be sure to check this store out! Located in California USA.

Vlad's Toys : Another cool online store still selling some of 21st Century's products including 1:6 scale Ultimate Soldier, 1:18th scale XD and 1:32nd scale 32X. So be sure to check this store out! Located in Mississippi USA.

STORE ON 44: Here's another cool place to buy some Ultimate Soldier stuff on the internet, with some decent competitive prices. Located in Massachusetts, USA

THE TOY FEDERATION: Here's a great site for your 21st Century Toy needs online. They have a nice selection of Ultimate Soldier boxed figures and alot of their 1/18th and 1/32nd scale lines as well. Many more brands in stock here also, including Dragon and the like. A cool looking store with some really nice prices so be sure to check it out! Located in Florida, USA.

T@KA'S NINJA TOYS: Here's one for all you Japanese troops out there. He's got a really cool site, Check it out. He's got a lot of other stuff in indexes also.

TOY ANXIETY: Here's a nother terrific store to buy most of your 1/6th scale needs, including our favorite Ultimate Soldiers. They also carry a lot of other neat toys as well. So be sure to check this cool place out. You won't want to miss it. Competitive pricing. Located in Arizona, U.S.A.

TOY CHEST & COLLECTIBLES: Here's a real cool site that can handle mostly all of your 1/6th scale needs. Selling action figures from most 1/6th scale lines, so surf on over and visit Cory. Located in Georgia, USA.

OPS GEAR This cool store sells a wide variety of stuff, from 1:1 scale military and SWAT gear to paintball equipment to 1:6 scale figures. A great place to buy loose 1/6th items including Ultimate Soldier loose gear. So be sure to check out this cool store. Located in Utah, USA.

WAR TOYS Just about everything at this site to fulfill your wildest 1:6 scale needs. Cool store, so be sure to check it out. Located in Nevada, USA.

MONKEY DEPOT A 1/6th scale dealer. Boxed figures, loose gear, everything 1/6th. Also a highly reliable dealer ro boot. One of the best 1/6th shops on the web. A fave of the guys at our site.Located i Meza, AZ.

One Sixth Depot Here's a great store that is kind of a one stop shop for all your loose parts and custom 1/6th needs. The owner, Bear, has a little bit of everything here. Definitely be sure to check out this cool online store, you won't want to miss stopping by!

Warlord's Keep Be sure to visit Paul and Laura at Warlord's Keep for your 1/6th needs. Mainly focusing on Cy Girls, packaged and customs, they do offer other 12" action figures as well as some of the old Ultimate Soldier sets here and there. So be sure to go and check out his cool new online store.

CURRENCY CONVERSION: Here's a helpful place for all you people shopping for the Ultimate Soldier online who live in other countries. Just type in the amount in whatever currency you choose, and it will give you it's conversion value in all other world currencies.

Don't forget to check out the customizer links in the custom tips section for more cool sites related to custom project help and where to buy custom accessories..


Pistol Pete's Unofficial 21st Century Toys Checklist You won't want to miss this site! A very handy tool for the avid Ultimate Soldier collector. Featured here is a fairly complete listing of all 21st products including their release dates and part number. Also an action figure/military terminology glossary, links page and more. A very cool Ultimate Soldier site from Pistol Pete for sure. Highly recommended. This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer.

One Shot's World Here's a cool new site from our old buddy One Shot to promote his favorite toy interests. Site features general 1/6 and toy related news and a nice discussion forum. You can also view posted toy pictures from users in the forum and post your own too. Also links to One Shot's favorite places in the web. So be sure to pay him a visit and sign up.

POINT MAN'S PRIVY Another great troops page featuring the great work of our old friend Point Man. He has all his cool comic projects posted there which are "must see" stuff in my opinion. Plus a whole lot more. So be sure to go on over and pay him a visit.

CHECKMATE KING 2's KINGDOM Our favorite Seabee Checkmate King 2 has set up his own personal website filled with all the great 1/6th stuff he's done over the years. Mountainmen, Native Americans, Gangsters, Civiil War, WW2, Vietnam and more. Be sure to pay him a visit!

FACEBOOK - 1/6TH SCALE VEHICLES Here's one for all you Facebook members. Fellow trooper Dewback Matt has put together a Facebook page to showcase his awesome 1/6th scale vehicle projects but also allows fellow collectors to post their vehce projects too. So if you're a Facebook user be sure to go on over and LIKE his page and join in the fun!!!!

BRIGADE HEADQUARTERS: Here's a great site with some of the best 1/6th scale photos on the internet. Lots of other cool sections as well! So be sure to check out Brigade Headquarters and the U.S.D.O.C. members, and of course the great site host, Lightning 6. It's sure to become one of your favorite sites. Very highly recommended.

ONE SIXTH DIRECTORY: Fellow trooper Sawemoff2009 has put together a useful links page for all you 1/6 fans including list of online retailers, forums and clubs, and other much needed information to help you in your 1/6 hobby. So be sure to go pay him a visit !

NAPALM'S NICHE: Napalm in the A.M. gives us a great site with some terrific photos, some outstanding custom work, and just all around useful information. You won't want to miss visiting even one of the sections of his site. They're all a must see! I highly recommend it!

LZ21: Want to know more about 21st Vietnam series? Then this is the place you want to go. Comparisons between the real thing and 21st gear, photos, links, and more. This is another very nice site that is definitely a must see for all you Vietnam fans. He even has a black market trading post set up for trading Vietnam Gear.

M'S DECK: Here is one of the original 1/6th scale sites on the internet. Especially if you want to see some great customized Joes and download some great 1/6th scale action figure stuff. Again, highly recommended. You won't want to miss looking at this site.

WHEELER'S WARRIORS: Well troops, Devil505 finally has his own page. If you're familiar with his work, you won't want to miss this fine site. Highly recommended!

CLOSE QUARTER BATTLES: Another cool Ultimate Soldier site by one of our younger troops, Counter-Strike. He's got a photo gallery, message board, intel and more. So be surf by and visit Counter-Strike.

SPEC OPS: Another nice site by one of our troops, Alpha Wolf. Photos and all kinds of cool stuff! He even will make you some custom grenades too! Be sure to pay him a visit.

CARROT'S 12" MILITARY: Be sure to visit fellow trooper Carrot's awesome site! He's got some great photos here, reviews and much more!

Graeylin's 1/6th Showcase Be sure to visit fellow trooper Graeylin's cool website featuring some terrific photos of his custom soldier work and more! Great stuff for sure!

SCARECROW'S 1/6TH SOLDIERS: Be sure to check out Scarecrow's 1/6th scale Military website, featuring photos of his troops, custom tips, links and more! Cool stuff!

Hugo Hidalgo's Custom Fallschirmjager Action Figures You won't want to miss viewing this fantastic page from Hugo about WW2 German Fallschirmjagers. Also some cool original Fallschirmjager artwork from Hugo too. An A+ website here. Be sure to check it out.

JOE WORLD: Here's the most complete links list of pages concerning 1/6th scale action figure collecting. New sites are constantly being added. If you're looking for customization, G.I.Joe, whatever. If it's 1/6th scale, it's here!

G.I. JOE LINKS: Yet another large links list of 1/6th sites on the internet. So if you need some links for you surfing pleasure be sure to check this one out.

FANTASY NET If you're interested in cool 1:6 scale Fantasy/SciFi custom figures then Fantasy Net is the place you want to hang out, Archived figure project photos, a discussion forum and more. So be sure to visit Storm and his tavern keeper Graeylin. See you there!

M5 STUART R/C TANK BATTALION GROUP Here's a cool Yahoo Group Club that specializes in the 21st Century Toys Remote Control M5 Stuart Tank. They customize them, upgrade them and more! Included on this site are photos of their tanks and more. Definitely be sure to check out this cool site!

TWISTED PLASTIC.COM Fellow trooper Robert has set up a very cool personal website here filled with his great customized figures and much much more. Printable 1/6th accessories like cigarette packs and such for download too. An excellent site. Be sure to pay Robert a visit. You won't regret it!

THE COLLECTOR'S CORNER Our old friend One Shot is one of the new moderators over at this cool forum for action figure enthusiasts. All kinds of cool stuff to see, so if you're looking for another forum to take part in and a place to post some of your unique action figure projects, then be sure to hop over and check it out!

DARK ID PRODUCTIONS Fellow trooper from the UK Allan Stenhouse has set up a website featuring his cool 1/6th stuff. Some great photo stories and the like here to see, so be sure to go pay Allan a visit and take a peek as his work,,,,,,or is that play :)


SPECIAL OPERATIONS.COM: Outstanding site about Spec Ops. No more needs to be said. A store included too.

THE VIETNAM DEATH TRIP: Get a little closer to Vietnam through a veteran's personal page. Cool site.

MILITARYPHOTOS.NET Like it says,,,,,,a bunch of military photos. Mostly modern era stuff.

Modern Firearms & Ammunition site. Like it says....a site dedicated to modern military firearms.

SPECWARGEAR.COM All kinds of reference material for you Spec Ops and modern warfare guys.

LAND WARFARE SYSTEMS Specs and info on Missle launchers, tanks and more. All Eras.

MILITARY MORONS .COM More great reference material about modern military gear.

PHOTOS AND MEMORIES OF 1ST BATTALION Site of the 22 infantry regiment. Personal photos from WW2 though modern Iraq. Great!

CAR NUT .COM A reference page for car nuts. The site is listed here because it has some great pics of military vehicles like the JEEP, MUTT, HUMVEE and more. Great reference material for your military vehicle customizing projects.

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