By: Bravo 2-2

"Let's move out! We've got to get to Bastogne and secure the secret weapon plans before the Baron and the Germans get there."

"I only hope that it is not too late."

"We'll link up with the rest of the battalion at Bastogne."

"Here son, you'd better take these weapons. You know how to shoot a .45 don't you?" "Yeah dad, you showed me how in 1959!"

"We've come to protect plans for a secret weapon that we believe is hidden in Bastogne. Do you know anything about it?" "Oui! I am Doctor Waldenberg of the Belgium Secret Service. I have the plans with me at this time. I have orders from the Supreme Allied Commander that I am to be airlifted to England... but not until this weather clears!"

"Our resistance fighters have reported that Bastogne is surrounded! If these plans should fall into German hands then the war as we know it is Finished! The 101st Airborne must not fail!"

"We'll get you to England Doctor... but first, let's set up the defense of Bastogne."



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