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PHOTO 51: Ok troops, here's a little project in the works by LT. It's not done yet, but you can already see how cool it's going to be when it's done. Oh, it's a M-113 vehicle, by the way. Special thanks to LT for sending it in.

PHOTO 52: Here's a couple offbeat shots by LT, just for fun.

PHOTO 53: Ok troops, LT gives us a couple more here. A Mr. Arnold Palmer visiting the troops in Vietnam. Real nice shots! I think I'm going to have to get me one of those Arnie figures.

PHOTO 54: Puppetmaster sends us in a few more troops. This time of a Recon trooper in the jungle. He had to battle heat stroke getting these shots for us, so go check them out! Special thanks to Puppetmaster for these great shots.

PHOTO 55: Well Captain Fisher sends us three more photos troops. This time some Navy SEALS under the water! These are three great scuba shots. Special thanks to the Captain for giving us these photos to tide us over while he's away at Basic.

PHOTO 56: Ok troops, BUZZ does it again! Here's a prime example of what a backyard battlefield is supposed to be. Some great shots of his Firebase in Vietnam. Awesome work, soldier!

PHOTO 57: Checkmate King 2 sends us in some more great photos, troops! This time 3 shots of his two man Desert Storm LPOP team, and one awesome custom job of the local desert costume. Nice job Checkmate King 2!

PHOTO 58: Ok troops, this time we get some new photos to view from Captain Thunder. Two shots of his original G.I. Joes sporting their new 21st Vietnam uniforms. These are some cool photos, and check out that cool terrain! Awesome work, Captain Thunder.

PHOTO 59: Ok troops, here it is! LT's latest project. I don't want to give away the story line, so just go check them out. You won't regret it! Special thanks to LT for these awesome photos.

PHOTO 60: Here's a little something to get you in the spirit for that 4th of July weekend! This photo shoot is from me to you guys. Hope you like it.

PHOTO 61: Ok troops, here's a few great shots from one of our mates down under in Australia. David "SPUD" Williams submits us some great shots of the CCT and the Modern RTO. Check the cool effect out on the weapon muzzle! Go check them out, they're cool!

PHOTO 62: A few more from Checkmate King 2, guys. Some nice shots of some river maneuvers complete with raft, and a couple really neat shots just for fun. Check them out, you'll love them!

PHOTO 63: Ok troops, LT sends us in one of that burning village scene he was telling us about. Really cool! Make sure you check out the rest of the photos in the series at his site. You can just click on the picture to get there.

PHOTO 64: Well men, Checkmate King 2 sends us a few more of his Desert Storm shots. This time, he even throws in a bunker for us. These are some real nice shots; some Marines in the Gulf War.

PHOTO 65: Captain Thunder submits us a single shot in a black and white vintage style. A real nice photo of a couple '60s Joes sporting their new 21st uniforms in Vietnam. Go check it out!

PHOTO 66: Ok troops, here's a couple submitted photos from Bazooka Joe. It's that customized Urban Tank he was telling us about on the board. Pretty cool, go check it out!

PHOTO 67: PuppetMaster gives us a few more troops. Three awesome shots of a couple SEAL team members in the jungle, and one of the Calvary Scout Bike racing down a jungle path. Special thanks to PuppetMaster for submitting them.

PHOTO 68: In recognition of Corporal Carroll E. Hallagan, a customized MP submitted to us by Groundpounder.

PHOTO 69: Sniper 1 sends us a group of his photos this time troops. Some great shots of a SEAL team, a sniper, and just a bunch of his Sams on the shelf. Fine work, Sniper 1. Thanks for sending them in!

PHOTO 70: Ok troops, here's another one from Groundpounder. Just one shot this time of his Marine Force Recon. Team. Special thanks to Groundpounder for submitting it.

PHOTO 71: Checkmate King 2 does it again troops! Two wonderful photos of a WWII Navy Seaman. Go check these out, you won't regret it!

PHOTO 72: Another great couple shots by Checkmate King 2. This time a salute to the U.S. Navy Fighting Seabees. Very special thanks to Checkmate King 2 for this terrific tribute. Nice work, Seabee!

PHOTO 73: Ok troops, here's another cool shot by our good friend, Lightning 6. A real great shot of the Calvary Scout & Motorcycle. Thanks to L6 for the cool photo.

PHOTO 74: Here's our first submission from Sniper, with a little help from his dad, Groundpounder (photography). A couple neat shots of some Sams doing a little extra PT, and a real nice photo of their drill instructor. Thanks again Sniper & Groundpounder for submitting them.

PHOTO 75: Ok troops, here's another first timer on the photo's page. Lightning 31 gives us a cool shot of a Night Ops guy caught by night vision. Real cool, check it out!

PHOTO 76: Well troops, King of Battle has outdone himself with his second submission. A few shots of some troopers doing a little rock climbing. I can't say enough about these photos. Awesome!

PHOTO 77: Here's something you don't see everyday!

PHOTO 78: Ok troops Napalm in the AM is back with another great set of photos for us. This time we get some pictures straight from the book "Blackhawk Down". Terrific! You have to check these out.

PHOTO 79: This time we get some real cool arctic shots submitted to us by C.Martin. A couple in the arctic lit by only the arctic night sky, and then a couple after the area has been lit up. Go check them out!

PHOTO 80: Well troops, Sniper and Groundpounder just wanted to show off another one of their soldiers to you guys. This time Sniper's 'Nam 60 Gunner. Cool!

PHOTO 81: Ok troops, another new soldier, Tim Brisko, sends us some really nice photos of his Dragon Model's Adam sporting 21st's new SWAT Commander uniform. Real nice stuff!

PHOTO 82: Ok troops, here's something a little different. This time we get 6 great photos from fellow trooper, Zman over in Hong Kong. These are really great kit-bashed Joe/21st Century Street Fighters.

PHOTO 83: You want to see something cool? Well check out Devil 505's first submission to our photo's page. 3 great shots of a S.A.C. OutPost. You're going to love these troops!

PHOTO 84: Ok troops, here's our first chance to see some of the Chairman's work. Some really cool artistic stuff here. Go check them out! Special thanks to the Chairman for his great work.

PHOTO 85: Ok troops, here is the results of Bazooka Joe's Mt. Rainier expedition. 6 terrific shots of some of his 'Nam troopers on patrol and back at base camp. Real cool! Check them out, you won't regret it!

PHOTO 86: Well troops, here's another newcomer to the photo's page. This time 3 nice shots of some tough looking Janes submitted to us by Adm'ral Crunch. Great work soldier! I love them.

PHOTO 87: Here you go men! Two great shots of Devil 505's cool custom raft, IN ACTION! You're going to love these.

PHOTO 88: Ok here's a huge group of photos sent in again by Devil 505. I don't want to spoil the story, but go check these out! I guarantee you won't regret it one bit!

PHOTO 89: Ok troops, here's some highlights from LT's photo shoot, "The Rescue". The second chapter in his Vietnam series. Real great stuff! Be sure to visit his site to see the whole story. You won't regret it.

PHOTO 90: Here's a few terrific shots submitted to us by REMF. Some UN troopers, and even a little humor added in. Go check them out, you'll like these!

PHOTO 91: Ok troops, here's another one of Groundpounder's kitbashed soldiers. This time it's a real sharp looking Vietnam MP. Special thanks to Goundpounder for sharing him with us.

PHOTO 92: Ok troops, here's another first time photo page poster. This time we get three shots from L62 and his son Derek of a Recon team on night patrol. Cool!

PHOTO 93: Here's some more by Devil 505 troops. No diorama work this time, but these are some awesome kitbashed SWAT figures. Go check them out, you won't regret it.

PHOTO 94: Well ok troops, here's Junkyard's latest installment, Marine Force Recon. Check out those cool camo faces! Great work Junkyard!

PHOTO 95: Another new first timer to the photo's page! D. Sullivan gives us some Rangers in the heat of a fire fight. Neat stuff! Be sure to check these out!

PHOTO 96: Again another first timer, troops! This time a pair of them. Tumbleweed and Sawgrass gives us a bunch of cool shots of some of their troops out on a mission. You'll really like these!

PHOTO 97: Specialist Riker is back for his second photo submission troops! This time some 'Nam shots of an LRRP and Green Beret team. Great work Specialist! These are some really awesome photos.

PHOTO 98: Well Checkmate King 2 is back again troops. This time some Sams sporting some kitbashed Hasbro uniforms. All put together to form a picture of Tarawa circa 1940 something. Special thanks to Checkmate King 2 for sending them in and sharing them with us. Much appreciated!

PHOTO 99: Junkyard is back again. This time better than ever! Some great shots of some of his Sams on maneuvers. Go check them out! They're cool!

PHOTO 100: Ok troops, for this next set I had to bend my own photo page rules. But I figured since this was photo set 100, why not? You have to check out BZ's great scratch built PAK40 gun. You won't regret it! This is one great piece!