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PHOTO 501: Oddball is back troops! This time with another great WWII era photo story. This one, entitled "Crash Landing", is a must see! Great work!

PHOTO 502: Here's a great Part 1 story sent in by Gunners Mate. Here we a great bunch of WWII shots of some Marine Scouts & Raiders reconning Tarawa before the invasion. Be sure to check it out, very cool!

PHOTO 503: Here's a nice single shot sent in by our favorite Seabee, Checkmate King 2. A very cool shot of some SEALs posing in their various uniforms. Very sharp! He even throws in a picture of those Grandkids he's always talking about!

PHOTO 504: Our old friend Herdsman sends us in two cool shots of the new Stuart tank. With a few troops standing around it, you can really get a feel for how big this thing is. Herdsman also throws in a shot of himself with his Command Hummer. Great work!

PHOTO 505: Here's a neat WWII photo shoot sent in by Counterstrike. Very nice work from one of our younger troops. Be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 506: Here's a cool bunch of customized/kitbashed modern soldiers sent in by USAF Airman. Very nice work, you won't want to miss it!

PHOTO 507: Well troops, Devil 505 is back again. This time an outstanding WWII diorama featuring a full 2 story blown building. A must see!

PHOTO 508: Here's a cool Desert Storm photo shoot sent in by fellow trooper, Boogieman. Sharp looking troopers, and his location is great! Be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 509: Our old buddy from Scotland, Kev, is back with more of his Javelin UK pictures. This time he adds the Little Bird to his force. Four cool shots of it!

PHOTO 510: Here's a terrific photo submission sent in by Mark V. A great custom Zodiac Raft in action. Awesome! You won't want to miss this one!

PHOTO 511: Here's a nice Misfit's Jerry Only head custom submitted to us by Madman. He's expertly gotten rid of the eye makeup and figured out a way to make Jerry's hair look like its combed back instead of forward. Now Jerry's proper military. Very nice, so be sure to check it out.

PHOTO 512: Your favorite secret agent man, oo7, is back with some more of his great Vietnam shots. This time him and his dad start building their Vietnam firebase. First addition to it: a guard tower. Too cool!

PHOTO 513: Here's a great black and white photo story sent in by Exodious. This time we get his Vietnam SEALteam 7 taking out some VC. Great stuff!

PHOTO 514: Ok troops, your favorite Seabee Checkmate King 2 is back. This time he's made a few modifications to his new M5 Light Tank. So if you're thinking about customizing your Stuart tank, this is a must see.

PHOTO 515: Here's a very unique custom figure photo set submitted to us by Lightfighter. Bicycle patrol officers! Very cool!

PHOTO 516: Here's a great super customized female figure submitted to us by Hellhound. You won't want to miss the fantasy based Feilla the Spellcaster. Terrific!

PHOTO 517: Here's some nice shots with a terrific location sent in by Sailor Dude. The Little Bird posing on the landing deck of an Aircraft Carrier in Pearl Harbor. Too cool!

PHOTO 518: Here's part 2 of Boogieman's Desert Storm photo story. Awesome work, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 519: Bravo Charlie sends us in a few of his customized modern desert infantrymen. Very sharp!

PHOTO 520: Here's an outstanding customized Hasbro LSV submitted to us by Sgt. Rock. A definite must see!

PHOTO 521: oo7 is back with more shots of his Vietnam firebase. This time he's added a very cool bunker to go along with his tower! So be sure to check this one out.

PHOTO 522: Here's a great story sent in by fellow trooper Exodious of his SEALteam 5 on a mission. Very cool photo story! You won't want to miss it.

PHOTO 523: Here's more terrific shots of Lonestar 7's APC in the field. A definite must see!

PHOTO 524: Here's a great photo shoot of SWAT 1's Urban SWAT team in action. Real cool stuff!

PHOTO 525: Here's a real cool photo shoot, sent in by fellow trooper, Mike. We get some nice shots of a shootout between a NY City police officer and a bad guy. Nice work!

PHOTO 526: Here's part 2 of Warrior's "Downed SEAL chopper" photo story. Nice shots from this young trooper! Be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 527: Here's a couple more shots from Vietnam sent in to us by our favorite secret agent man, oo7. As always, very nice work!

PHOTO 528: Well troops, Pointman is back! This time with more of his great WWII photos. Here you get the new 21st Century Toy's M5 Light Tank on Patrol with 2 Soldier of the World jeeps. There's a bunch of nice looking troops in them too. Even some custom tankers! A must see!

PHOTO 529: Here's some terrific shots submitted to us by fellow trooper Firefox of his custom painted Kettenkrad with Paratroopers and his Kublewagen filled with troops. Nice stuff!

PHOTO 530: Another cool photo set submitted by Firefox. This time 4 awesome shots of his Modern SEALs moving through the jungle. Very sharp!

PHOTO 531: Here's another terrific submission by Mark V. This time he gives us some assorted shots of some of his Modern troops in action. Very nice angle work in his photography! Be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 532: Here's 6 terrific black and white vintage shots submitted to us by Mikey of his WWII troops, "The Dirty Half Dozen". Very cool!

PHOTO 533: Here's some more shots submitted to us by Mikey. This time some cool shots of his modern jungle ops SEAL and SAS Scud Hunter! Great work!

PHOTO 534: Here's some great shots sent in by Awesome Wally of a couple of his kitbash troops. One WWII USMC BAR Gunner, and the other a cool Vietnam USMC Shotgunner. He even throws in a hilarious picture just for fun at the end, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 535: Here's part 3 of Boogieman's Desert Storm photo story. His troops finally get into a firefight in this next installment of their mission. Very very cool!

PHOTO 536: More shots from our favorite Secret agent man, oo7 of his cool Vietnam troops. Be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 537: Here's the next exciting installment of C. Martin's comic book hero, "The Punisher". Very very cool, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 538: Here's three cool shots submitted to us by Exodious of the new 21st Century NVA figure all geared up. In one of the shots, he even throws in Dragon's new VC Scout female figure. So for all you guys who haven't seen these figures yet, this is a must see.

PHOTO 539: Well your favorite Seabee, Checkmate King 2i is back again. This time he's completely customized the new 21st Century Light Tank for his Marines on Tarawa. Without a doubt, a definite must see! Outstanding work!!

PHOTO 540: Here's 6 very nice shots of a great looking bunch of WWII German soldiers and vehicles submitted to us by JD. Real cool stuff, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 541: Nuclear Pestilence sends us in Part 1 of his 4 part series entitled "A New Days War". Lots of cool pictures of a WWII German soldier collection including the convention exclusive Rommel figure. Terrific work!

PHOTO 542: Here's some terrific shots of some custom modern SEALs & Spec Ops guys, sent in by Kilo's Devil Dog. All around great work, so be sure to check them out.

PHOTO 543: Here's some cool shots submitted by SWAT 1 of his new Littlebird Helicopter which has been added to his SWAT team. Nice work!

PHOTO 544: Here's another installment submitted to us by fellow trooper Exodious. A big 34 shot photo story in vintage black & white of his Vietnam troops featuring the new Air Cav. figure & NVA. Awesome!

PHOTO 545: Well our old friend Groundpounder is back with more of his custom Vietnam troops. Here we get a couple sharp Marine Force Recon.

PHOTO 546: Well troops, our old friend Buzz is back with another one of his terrific Vietnam photo shoots. This time his Special Forces Team takes care of some VC. Cool stuff so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 547: Here's a little humor from Awesome Wally & Ultimate 1. Both of these guys got together recently for a cookout and all their troops joined in. And they decided to take some photos of all the fun!

PHOTO 548: Here's another cool set of photos of Sgt. Rock's awesome customized Hasbro LSV. Definitely a must see!

PHOTO 549: Sgt. Rock sends us in a few more cool shots, this time of some of his customized WWII Paratroopers. Some very fine work here, so be sure to check them our!

PHOTO 550: Here's a terrific set of WWII era photos submitted by Redgriff. He even throws in an awesome 1/6th scale bridge for his troops. Very very nice work. A must see!