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PHOTO 1001: Well troops, our old friend Minuteman is back. This time with two custom Delta Force Operators from the '80s from Operation Eagle Claw and a female Delta Force Operator. You won't want to miss these great looking custom figures for sure!

PHOTO 1002: Here's some great WWII photos submitted to us from fellow trooper Zippo Joe. Some real cool "snow" shots of some of his German and American troops. Real nice stuff for sure!

PHOTO 1003: Fellow trooper NZB sends us in two customized/kitbashed figures. One a Marine DI, and the other, an African NCO dressed in Rhodesian camo. Two very sharp looking soldiers without a doubt. So be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 1004: Well troops, here's another Vietnam story from our old friend Exodious. This time some SEALs go looking for some VC in Quang Ngai, Vietnam. This is Part 1 of a continuing photo story. Terrific work here, you won't want to miss it!

PHOTO 1005: Our old friend Papa Alpha Charlie is back with another one of his cool custom soldiers. This time with a WWII German SS Medic Eastern Front. A terrific looking custom soldier without a doubt!

PHOTO 1006: Our old friend Mark V returns! Thistime with some terrific shots of his Steve McQueen figure in a little scene from the movie "The Great Escape". You won't want to miss this great photo submission entitled "Thrown in the Cooler".

PHOTO 1007: Yet another Mark V Steve McQueen photo submission. This time, his kitbashed Jake Holman from the movie "The Sand Pebbles". Some outstanding photos you definitely won't want to miss.

PHOTO 1008: And yet another Steve McQueen kitbashed figure. This time from fellow trooper S. Vandermark. Here we get his version of Steve McQueen as Frank Bullitt from the movie "Bullitt". Real nice looking action figure here.

PHOTO 1009: Fellow trooper Gray Ghost 6 sends us in a terrifc single shot of his America's Finest fire fighters and vehicle. A great looking bunch of fire fighters for sure, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 1010: Fellow trooper Mark V returns yet again with another great kitbashed figure. This time - General Patton. You won't want to miss this single photo! Great work!

PHOTO 1011: Fellow trooper The Toy King sends us in a few shots of his outstanding custom WWII German Kublewagen. One fine piece of work without a doubt! He also throws in a cusotmized Panzer Grenadier as well. You won't want to miss this one!

PHOTO 1012: Fellow trooper Bulletshell13 returns once again. This time with a really nice WWII era battle sequence. Great work for sure!

PHOTO 1013: Fellow trooper DEF223 sends us in a nice custom Desert Storm soldier that he made as a salute to his brother. Definitely one great project, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 1014: Here's part 2 of Exodious' cool Vietnam photo shoot from photo set 1004. A terrific conclusion and some awesome photos!

PHOTO 1015: Fellow trooper Lynx sends us in 4 photos of his villians Matilda and Boris entitled "Wanted". Some real nice work here, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 1016: Fellow trooper Kilo's Devil Dog sends us in a great bunch of customized Vietnam Spec Ops, including SEALs and SOGs. Some awesome looking soldiers without a doubt!

PHOTO 1017: Fellow trooper Minuteman returns again with another one of his super customized modern foreign soldiers. This time a German KampSchwimmerkompanie Sniper. Another totally outstanding project from Minuteman for sure. You won't want to miss it!

PHOTO 1018: Fellow trooper Herdsman 3 cool shots of his custom modern era French Foreign Legion. Some real nice looking troops for sure. He even throws in an extra photo of a bad looking dude riding a motorcycle!

PHOTO 1019: Fellow trooper Ghillie Ops returns with a couple great looking customized soldiers. One, a modern sniper and the other, a Vietnam SEAL. Some outstanding work here for sure!

PHOTO 1020: Yet another awesome photo set from Ghillie Ops. This time, his customized Lara Croft figure from the vidoe game, Tomb Raider. A great female custom figure for sure!

PHOTO 1021: Fellow trooper Rob O'Doherty sends us in a set of some cool customized figures. Here we get Max Steel in Vietnam, a BBI SEAL and a couple Delta Force Operators. A real great looking bunch of soldiers for sure!

PHOTO 1022: Fellow trooper Awesome Wally and Ultimate 1 team up for a cool Vietnam era photo shoot. Some great looking troops here as well as a real sharp storyline, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 1023: Fellow trooper da Bronx Commando sends us in part 1 of his new Punisher Comic Book. All done in comic book styling as well. Very cool!

PHOTO 1024: Fellow trooper Loki returns with part 2 of his WWII photo story featuring Loki's Raiders from photo set 906. Another great installment, so be sure to check it out!

PHOTO 1025: Ok troops, our old friend String is back with part 3 of his WWII photo saga entitled "Adhoc!". This part three is continued from part 2 in photo set 942. Another exciting installment for sure!

PHOTO 1026: Another great Vietnam era photo story from our old friend Exodious. Here we get more adventures of his Mike Force troops. So be sure to check out this cool part 1.

PHOTO 1027: Fellow troopers Cop 62 & Son send us in some cool shots of their modern Strike Force Team in the field. Some great looking modern troops and their vehicles. Be sure to check this one out!

PHOTO 1028: Fellow trooper Redgriff sends us in an amazing variety of super customized figures here. Included are Jimi Hendrix, Sherlock Holmes, a futuristic Space Warrior, a Vietnam PBR boat and crew, and a simply terrific bunch of fantasy warrior figures. An absolute must see!

PHOTO 1029: Fellow trooper King 6 sends us in some nice shots of his modern troops in action. So be sure to check these out. Nice work!

PHOTO 1030: Fellow trooper HUTT sends us in some terrific shots of his WWII troops in the field and on display. He's even added his Jeep and Stuart to this set.

PHOTO 1031: Our old friend Checkmate King 2 is back again. This time with a single photo of his custom/kitbashed WWII German Gestapo figures. Very cool!

PHOTO 1032: Fellow trooper Currahee sends us in some awesome shots of his WWII troops with photo enhancement. Wow! Some terrific photos you won't want to miss for sure. Very artistic.

PHOTO 1033: Here's a cool photo set sent in by fellow trooper SSG "G" of his United States Anti-Terrorist TAsk Force (USATAF). He's added custom berets, patches, and some nifty gear to these soldiers. You won't want to miss this great modern team!

PHOTO 1034: Fellow trooper SyxxSix6 sends us in a cool photo story featuring a couple of his villain figures. It looks like the bad guys have a big deal going down! So be sure to check out this great photo story. Also he's added a custom villain to the end of the photo shoot. Awesome!

PHOTO 1035: Fellow trooper Flint sends us in more great shots of his cool customized Vietnam soldiers. Here we get an NVA, VC, and some terrific shots of his US troops. You won't want to miss them!

PHOTO 1036: Here's a cool photo shoot by Gun Shy entitled "The Goodwill Tank Project". He recently found an old broken up Stuart tank in a Goodwill store and decided to put it back together and replace the missing pieces. Terrific work without a doubt!

PHOTO 1037: Fellow trooper OneZeroSOG sends us in a terrific customized NVA figure. He's done a lot of customizing to the uniform and put it all on top of a Dragon Asian figure. One great looking soldier for sure!

PHOTO 1038: Fellow trooper Deports sends us in another batch of his cool customized/kitbashed America's Finest figures. Here we get an Mid-West Fireman, SWAT Team Medic, CQB, Entryteam Member, and a couple bank robbers for good measure. Nice work all around.

PHOTO 1039: Fellow trooper Sixty Driver sends us in his customized Dragon Kenneth figure. I've never seen Kenneth looking so good :) One great looking WWII Marine without a doubt!

PHOTO 1040: Our old friend Mark V is back once again. This time with a great WWII era photo shoot from him and his fellow Squadbay club members. One outstanding photo shoot for sure of some American's attacking a "very special" German column. A must see!

PHOTO 1041: Our old friend JD is back again. This time with an outstanding WWII era photo shoot from the beaches of Tarawa. You won't want to miss this one for sure!

PHOTO 1042: New recruit Major Matt sends us in a terrific part 1 of a very cool Vietnam era photo story entitled "A Patrol in Vietnam". Some really great photos here and setups here for sure. Really nice work all around!

PHOTO 1043: Fellow trooper Sgt. Rock sends us in his latest outstanding custom project. It looks like he bought himself that cool WWII M3 Halftrack from Creative Diversions and decided to personally customize it. Here is the amazing result! 49 photos of it in the field, on diorama display, and detail shots of it. Just too cool!

PHOTO 1044: Our old friend Puppet Master is back! This time with some photos of some cool custom vehicles he's been working on. One a chopped SAS SCUD Hunter Humvee and the other a Anti-Aircraft Humvee. Very sharp work all around, so be sure to check them out!

PHOTO 1045: Fellow trooper Graeylin sends us in some terrific shots of his sharp looking custom soldiers. Included here is a German K9 soldier, WWI Scottish Soldier, a Vietnam dude, and to top it all off,a terrific mini-WWII diorama featuring the Gran Sasso Raider uniform.

PHOTO 1046: Our old friend Exodious is back. This time with 2 great looking Vietnam era customized soldiers he's been working on. Very sharp looking soldiers. You definitely won't want to miss them!

PHOTO 1047: Fellow trooper Panzerjager and Oddball are back with another amazing set of highlight photos from their newest photo story entitled "We Surface for the Brave". Some cool WWII submarine action.

PHOTO 1048: Fellow trooper Mark V sends us in 4 cool shots of a couple of his WWII German Gran Sasso Raiders in action. Some great detailed photos here for sure! You won't want to miss them.

PHOTO 1049: Fellow trooper Omega 6 is back with another one of his cool Vietnam era photo stories. Here's a terrific Part 1 of a continuing storyline featuring his SF team securing a landing zone for a follow up insertion. Terrific work all around, you won't want to miss it.

PHOTO 1050: Fellow trooper MacV_2000 sends us in a sharp Vietnam era photo story. So be sure to check out this exciting part 1 featuring some really nice looking Vietnam troops.