By: BC Ries

Here are a few pictures from WOH 2006, Some of the pictures feature me with Tank Mechanic. He entered his impressive scratchbuilt Japanese Tank into the contest and won first place in Dioramas/Vehicles. I provided Infantry support for his tank and he generously cut me in for half the winnings, (thanks Mark, you're too generous) The picture with all of the trophys is Tank Mechanic, laughing Gravy and Graeylin with two trophys. If you look carefully in the background is Legion Entragere he also got a trophy.

I also included a picture of my older son with R.Lee Ermey the Gunny was seen all over the show and he appeared to be enjoying himself.

It looks like all you guys had fun! I'm not surprised that Tank Mechanic's Tank took a prize. It sure is a sweet piece of 1/6th machinery. That's cool that your son got to meet Ermey, I would have liked to have met him myself. Special thanks for sending these cool show pics in and sharing them with us. - GL


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