By: GreenLeader

Let's take a look at Emma, then. Basically, from what I can tell, she's a typical Cy Girl body, except for the fact that she has retooled copies of the 21st Matilda and Jacqueline hands. The hands are done in that Sideshow type plastic too. Emma wears a tight black vinyl catsuit. Nothing to write home about, but it's fairly nice looking. Where the zippers are supposed to be on her real world suit, Product Enterprises has just painted them on to keep them in scale. It looks a little cartoony, but I guess real working zippers would have been much too big.

I really didn't undress Emma to see exactly what kind of body she does have, because it looked like a real pain to get her suit off. But if you feel so inclined, it looks like it will come off since there is a real working zipper in the back.

The only major draw back to Emma is those goofy Cy Girl style boots, which is really going to mess you up if you'd like to redress Emma in one of her mod Avenger's suits from another line of clothing, such as Barbie. I wish they would had given Emma real feet and real removable boots without a doubt.

One thing you're going to notice right off though, is both of these figures have some of the biggest heads that I'm sure you've seen in the 1/6th scale world. They're huge! It makes the figures look slightly cartoonish, but overall it works.

Although cartoonish, the heads are both brilliantly scuplted in my opinion. Very good likenesses of both Patrick McNee and Diana Rigg, who played Steed and Mrs. Peel.

Emma and Steed also come with a cool champagne bottle and two champagne glasses. The bottle is done very well, with foil top and detailed label. The glasses, however, are a little lackluster. The plastic is far too thick to look realistic at all, but I guess if you would have made them any thinner, they would have been fragile as heck. I guess I'm going to have to live with them. :)

The only other accessories this set includes is Steed's umbrella, which is not a working umbrella by the way, and Emma's gold plated pistol. Both are really nicely sculpted.

Even with the slight drawbacks here and there, I have to say if you're a fan of the Cult TV show, The Avengers, then you absolutely will not want to miss these great figures from Product Enterprises, Ltd. They're packaged as a set of two for around $60.00. I can't really give them an A+ rating, but they definitely rank right up there with some of my favorite figures that I've bought in the last couple years. It's about time they had some Avengers collectibles after 30+ years. Let's hope this isn't the last figures we see from Product Enterprises. I'm looking forward to seeing some more characters from cult British TV shows like The Saint with Roger Moore, UFO, Red Dwarf, Black Adder, and many more. Hey maybe even some Captain Scarlett figs!


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