In And Out Of Phaze
By: GreenLeader

"Yes, yes, it looks like the heroes are on their way to meet their destiny. "

"I can see all here in my magic eye. My world of Magic may just survive it's sickness after all"

"It seems they are now approaching the Forest of Sirindonath though. Many hidden dangers there, it looks like I will have to send some aid to them right away."

"My work is never done......! ......And you there Imp, thrashing about under my table, behave yourself while I'm concentrating on things of dire consequence."

"Hee hee hee hee hee... Pog drink... hee hee hee... Pog behave Master...... be quiet....hehehe...quiet, yes.."

"Grisimir, my apprentice, do you hear me? I need you now!"



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