Toy and Action Figure Museum
Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
and WW2 Memorial

By: Ilaf

Here are some highlight shots of my trip to the Toy and Action Figure Museum with my son, CJF.

They had so much stuff, that it was hard to show the individual pieces in a single photo. I tried to limit the photos for this submission to the 21st and GI Joe displays. I think this was a pretty cool place to visit... I am sure my pictures did not do the place justice. I hope you enjoy them! - Ilaf

And...... as some bonus shots I've added some pics of a WW2 memorial statue that I came across while on the road. This is located on I-35 at the first rest stop when entering Texas from Oklahoma. Definitely seems like something worth stopping to take a look at, if someone is in the area. Especially for free. I have been in Texas for over 20yrs and this is the first time I have seen this. From reading the plaques, it is fairly new however.



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