By: K 43

I'm sending you a few photos of the display I did for my Library. The objective is to try to get the kids interested in Military History during Summer Reading this year. Each figure is accompanied by a book about him specifically, or about his army, era, etc.

The figures are: Ron Watkins - MACV-SOG, Max Schmeling - German Fallschirmjager and Heavyweight Champion, an Italian Commando from the X MAS Division, Generalfeldmarschal Erwin Rommel, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, General George Armstrong Custer, Erich Hartmann - "The Blond Knight", General George S. Patton, Jr. - "Old Blood And Guts", a Viking Warrior, a Knight Hospitaller, Subadai - a Mongol General, Manfred von Richthofen - "The Red Baron", Alexander The Great, a Roman Imperial Legionary from the 1st Century AD, a Goth Warrior, and Attila The Hun. All figures are from my collection.

The books, with the exception of the one on von Richthofen, are also from my collection. Sharp eyed observers will notice that the figure represented as Hartmann is actually another DML figure...Major Krauer. The reason for this is that Hartmann just refused to stand up! Maybe no one will notice.



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